Roku VS FireStick : Which One Is Better For US?

For everything there are a lot of options available in the market. Same happens with the streaming device. And here we are going to decide that in between Roku or Amazon fire stick, which one is better for us. most of the people do not know the difference between these two different streaming devices as both of them are affordable and on both of them we can stream Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, HBO and many more.

And we all know that both Roku and Amazon fire stick affordable and available in the market at almost same price. So it is tough for a normal user to decide which streaming device they should buy. but if you will look closer and read this article then there are a lot of different major differences that you will find.

roku vs fire stick

after reading this article you should decide yourself that which streaming device is better for you. Latest get started with the competition between Roku and Amazon fire stick.

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Controlling with remote

Now we know that both Roku and Amazon fire stick comes with a remote control for controlling your TV. The fire stick TV remote does not have any shortcut button that the Roku remote does have. Although the fire stick TV does have a mute button which Roku remote does not have.

coming to in hand experience the Amazon fire stick remote is very comfortable and feels better in your hand but the Roku remote does not have that feeling. As the Roku remote does have shortcuts for popular streaming platforms like Netflix Disney Hulu and HBO Now, it is very easy to navigate to that platform but these buttons cannot be accessed to other streaming platform.

And if you have not the subscription of these streaming platforms then it is absolutely useless for you. The in hand experience of Roku remote is very old and the buttons are hard to push. The Amazon fire stick remote does also have a Ring type navigation which looks like futuristic.

The microphone of Amazon fire stick is better than that of Roku TV, as the button is also at the top of the remote in in Amazon fire stick remote. In our concern the best remote in between Roku and fire stick is of fire stick

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Talking about apps

There are different applications available on both Roku and fire stick. Anyone can also play games on the Roku TV as there are hundreds of games available on the Roku website. There are different TV show channels and movie that you can find on Roku.

You should know that Roku does not support as many channels and games as the fire stick does but you should also know that Roku does have its own app called the Roku channel. And this application is absolutely for free which have movies and series.

Wireless streaming movies and series you will see at in between butt you will get all those absolutely for free. There are different videos for children and there are different other free live channels on the Roku TV application. So if you do not want to spend money and you are into movies and shows then you should go with Roku.

Otherwise we know that the fire stick have more games than that of Roku, and if you are into the game then you should go with fire stick.

You can also watch cable channels like HBO and many more on firestick and also you will have the access to the movies and TV shows that are from Amazon originals but to enjoy all of them you need to have a Amazon prime membership. We would recommend you to use Amazon prime if you are into movies and games too.

Giving voice command

As we know that both the Roku TV and the fire stick have a remote that have a micro phone in it with the help of which we can give commands. But whenever we talk about comparison between the Roku and Amazon fire stick remote then it fully depends upon the voice assistant that we have at our home.

If you have Google home smart speaker then you will not be able to use the Amazon firestick because Google does not support or it does not work with Amazon fire stick. on the other hand when we talk about to rock who then Roku works with both Google and Alexa.

So whenever you use Roku then you will have to say rock you each time when you ask Google. And for example here we are giving you a sentence, ” Google open Netflix on Roku”. So at last you will have to add Roku in each sentence. Otherwise if you do not have Google or Alexa then you can also search for any of the content on Roku with the use of microphone button or by using the application of Roku.

Many people have already have Amazon Alexa smart home speaker, and if you are one of them then we would recommend you that you should go with firestick as it is the best streaming device for you if you do have Amazon Alexa smart home speaker.

As you will not need to reach to the remote all you have to say is command your Amazon Alexa smart home speaker with your wishes. For example we are giving you some sentences, ” Alexa, play The Big bang Theory,” and with that you will see that the fire stick will play  The Big Bang Theory in a second. You can also give commands like pause or play or rewind and many more. So whenever it comes to giving the voice command you should go with Amazon firestick because it does have very nice experience.

Home screen user interface

When we talk about the user interface then most of the people love to have it in a proper organized way. On Amazon fire stick will have a different list of apps and recent apps on the home screen but on the Roku you can arrange the application on the home screen just like you can do all the arrangements on your smartphone home screen.

So if you want to have Netflix on the top then you can easily do so on Roku but on firestick you cannot do so. This does save our time searching for the application that we want to watch frequently. Talking about the tabs then on the Roku all of the tabs are on the left side off the screen but in the firestick all the tabs are at the top notch of the screen. And in both of them the rock is good and well managed.

On Roku you have a featured free tab also in which you do not have to pay anywhere for watching movies and TV shows. You get the search button in both of the fire stick and Roku so you can find any of the movie and TV show. on Amazon fire stick you will get the recommendations based on the movies and TV shows that you have watched earlier.

And every time Amazon fire stick will give you new recommendation with the new movies and TV shows from each of the steaming platforms. if you are a movie or TV show freak and wants to get updated with all these then we would recommend you to go with Amazon fire stick. 

Using earphones

Many of the times we want to watchm movie and TV show at 12 a.m., which is the midnight. But at the same time we do not want to disturb our family members who are sleeping, so how is it possible that we can watch that particular movie show in the night with full volume accuracy.

On the Roku you can watch movies or TV shows at night with the headphone feature of the remote, all you need to do is plug in your headphone in your Roku TV remote, and after doing so you can enjoy your TV show or movie with the volume buttons present in the remote.

Also if you do not want to get bothered by the remote then you can use the application of Roku. All you need to do is install the Roku mobile application and by using it plug in your earphone in your smartphone then you will see that the sound will come from the earphone.

But the remote of firestick does not have that kind of earphone plug in Jack. So you do not need to get bothered by it all you need to do is use the Bluetooth feature and the Bluetooth headphone to listen to the sound of movie or TV show without disturbing others. But in Amazon fire stick you might get some delay in audio.

Installation of both

When someone question Roku VS FireStick which one is better then installation is one of the factor to compare. The installation of Roku is very easy because all you need to do is connect the Roku streaming device to your TV and connect the TV to the internet. and then you need to setup your Roku account and you will get started at that time. but the installation process of Amazon fire stick is little with different from that of Roku and to that of Amazon fire cube itself also.

both the Amazon fire stick and Roku streaming stick are USB type device that you need to connect to your TV. for streaming the 4K version of Roku you will need to follow the civilized step that you need to follow the Roku, but to install the 4K version of Amazon fire stick you need to add one more step of Ethernet adaptor.

However the installation process for both of the Amazon fire TV and Roku is similar but when it comes to the advanced 4K HDR device is then Roku is ahead of Amazon fire stick.

Mobile application

The mobile application of Roku is a secondary advanced remote control. It does connect to your Roku device within a second. And to all of that Roku does have a private listening feature which the Amazon fire stick smartphone remote application does not have.

you can search for content using the keyboard and browse channels also. The Roku application does also includes a trackpad. the Roku application also acts as a mirroring tool with the help of which you can play any of the video or photo from your smartphone and send it to your TV very easily.

So you can use this application for video calling. on the other hand when we talk about Amazon fire stick TV smartphone application it is very old school. The application allows you to search the content using the keyboard also you can browse content or use the trackpad as a remote control.

But you cannot mirror the phone screen to your TV. Also the fire stick TV app is buggy. Also you will get disconnected from your amazon firestick many times. so when it comes to mobile application Roku is the best.


If you are a new user and ones to you enjoy with March efficiency when we would recommend you to go with Roku. but if you do have smart devices of Amazon then we would recommend you to go with Amazon fire stick. 

We have compared all the scenarios in the above section and according to your uses of that particular things, you can choose between Roku and Amazon fire stick. With thast you can answer your mind Roku VS FireStick which one is better Many advantages has been in the favour of Roku, and it will be very easy for you to install also, so you must go with Roku. And when we talk about free content then Roku TV does have it for you. 

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