Royal Q (Royal Quantitative) trading bot is a crypto trading tool that combines easily with a crypto exchange, hence paving the way for you to trade automatically.

If you consider auto trading the nice alternative to your rather awkward manual crypto trading, the Royal Q trading bot might be the exact tool you need for excellent auto trades.

In the simplest sense, using the Royal Q trading bot is very much similar to engaging the service of a crypto trading expert who does the job of market analysis, risk evaluation and purchase/sale of crypto assets. If you’re damn ready to hand over your crypto trading job to a trading bot like Royal Q, you may begin to see yourself as a boss who has just engaged the service of an expert crypto trader.

As implied earlier, the Royal Q trading bot combines with a crypto exchange but the downside here is that apart from Huobi and Binance, no other crypto exchange platform can be integrated with the robot as of the time this post was written.

In this Royal Q trading bot review, you’ll find out how the crypto trading bot works. Particularly, this review is a comprehensive post and as such, it covers further information about Royal Q registration process, activation of Royal Q account, getting started with Royal Q bot trading and ways you can make money with Royal Q.

How to Sign up for Royal Q

Signing up for Royal Q is a lot easy. You can attempt the registration process via the link here.

The link above will take you to the Royal Q sign-up page where you’ll have to input the necessary information in the fields provided.

You’ll have to start with your valid email address and then the Send Verification Code button which lets you proceed with the registration.

Tap the Send Verification Code button so that you can have the code sent to your mail. Input the received (verification) code in the relevant field.

Then, input your login password (which can be anywhere between 6 and 20 digits). Confirm the password, as required, and hit the Register button.

Once this account registration is complete, you’ll be provided with the download link for the Royal Q app. Downloading the app via this link saves you the risk of ending up with an imitative (but different) app coming from Play Store.

Getting Started with Royal Q Trading: Here’s What You Need to Do

The first thing you’ll have to do is signing up for a Royal Q account. If you haven’t registered with Royal Q yet, you may check the sign-up process explained earlier for your registration.

Once your registration is complete, you may download the Royal Q app from your phone’s app store –Apple Store for iPhone users and Google Play Store for Android users.

The next step is linking your Binance or Huobi account (as the case may be) with the Royal Q app. In the case of Binance, you’ll find the step-by-step procedure for connecting Binance to the Royal Q app later in this post.

One thing you must note is that linking your Binance/Huobi account to the Royal Q app is a necessary step towards kick-starting your Royal Q trading journey.

Another thing to note is that you’ll be charged a one-time activation fee which sustains you for a whole year. While this activation fee translates into 120usdt, 24% of the fee (alternatively $20) is set aside as gas fuel while the bulk of the fee ($100) represents your one-year subscription.


Frankly, Royal Q won’t charge you any fee other than the 120usdt activation fee just mentioned. With this, you can rest assured that your trading capital isn’t going to Royal Q. Instead, the money will sit in your Huobi/Binance account where you can keep a watchful eye over it.


Activating Your Royal Q (App) Account

Royal Q (account) activation is something you must do before you can dip your feet into Royal Q’s bot trading.

Given that you’ve downloaded and installed the Royal Q app, sign in to the app and head over to the bottom right-hand corner of the app and tap the Mine button there.

Subsequently, hit the Asset option and select Deposit from the options that emerge. Doing this lets you copy the USDT wallet address of your Royal Q account. The next thing is to transfer 120usdt to the wallet address, and to process the account activation, simply hit the activate button.

At this juncture, you’re done with the account activation but you’ll have to link your Huobi/Binance account to the Royal Q account before you can begin trading. You’ll find the steps for doing so later in this post.

How to Link Your Binance Account to Royal Q

  • Head over to your Binance account
  • Navigate to the More option and select it
  • From the options that emerge, select Others and then API Management
  • This is the point where you have to specify a name for the API key you’re creating
  • Hit the create button after specifying the API name
  • Subsequently, you’ll have to set restrictions for your newly created API. To do this, tap the edit button and tick the first two among the boxes that appear for API restrictions setting –these are the Enable Reading and Enable Spot & Margin Trading boxes


The bottom line here is that the Royal Q trading bot will be able to access only your USDT wallet which contains your trading funds. As for your Binance/Huobi trading account, you’re guaranteed safety for the funds in it since the trading bot cannot access it.

Importantly, ensure you copy your keys –the secret key and your API key. After that, head over to the homepage of your Royal Q account.

Select API binding from the homepage’s row of four options –API binding, Revenue, Transaction and Invite Friend. Now, you’ll have to select your desired exchange from the duo of Binance and Huobi. The selected exchange will be eventually linked to your Royal Q account but for that to occur, below are the steps you have to follow:

  • Select Binance and then, paste the keys (API and secret keys copied earlier) into their respective fields
  • Subsequently, tap the button asking you to send a verification code
  • This code will be sent to your email. Head over to your email account, locate the code and copy it
  • Paste the copied code and mark the risk notification box
  • To complete the binding of the API key to your Royal Q account, hit the bind button

Once the above process is complete, you can rest assured that your Royal Q account has been fully set up for trading.

How to Begin Royal Q Trading

Starting your Royal Q trading is only a couple of clicks away provided you’ve completed the rather tedious account setup and API binding processes explained earlier.

Head over to the homepage of your Royal Q app and scroll down to the Quantitative option. You’ll find this option somewhere at the bottom page just beside the Home option.

After exploring the Quantitative option, you’ll be presented with a list of crypto pairs. Select the pair you’d like to use for the auto trading so that the Royal Q bot can begin to do the trading job for you.

Ways You Can Make Money with Royal Q

Making money is probably the ultimate reason why you want to sign up for Royal Q trading. Therefore, this post might not interest you much if it ignored how you could make money with Royal Q.

There are two basic routes for making money with Royal Q. You can either go the (normal) crypto trading way or tap into the platform’s referral service.

Although Royal Q is basically a crypto trading platform (by virtue of its bot trading), the platform further serves as an avenue for revenue sharing. If you think you aren’t just making the most out of Royal Q’s robot trading, the referral service of Royal Q could make up for your trading disappointment.

Benefits of Using Royal Q Trading Bot

  1. Since it’s an auto trading mechanism, Royal Q trading bot saves you the risk of allowing your emotions to play into trading decisions
  2. The trading bot gives you a real shot at convenient trading
  3. There’s a guarantee of 24/7 trading, meaning the trades are never ending
  4. Royal Q trading robot guarantees expeditious trading while still ensuring that your funds are not tampered with

Are There Any Downsides to Royal Q Trading Bot?

A couple of ugly things are associated with Royal Q trading bot with the overarching downside being that robots (just like the humans who programmed them) are far from being “perfect”. If you’ve always nursed the fear that handing over your trade to a bot could spell doom, you may have to stay clear of the Royal Q trading bot.


Royal Q does come with its own ugly sides but the pros of the bot-powered crypto trading platform seem to outweigh the cons. Most especially, the inability of the Royal Q bot to access your Binance account simply testifies that Royal Q isn’t getting any dime from you except for the 120usdt activation fee.

Hopefully, this review has opened your eyes to all the information you need just to tell if Royal Q is worth it or not.

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