SEO an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization can be defined in many ways. A lot of enlightened businesses see it as an opportunity to leverage on, so as to get their products online to prospective clients and SEO Specialists  like (Ayoola Daniel) see it as a skill for reaching the right people and make money.

Either way, the definition for Search Engine Optimization is true as the goal of SEO is to increase brand exposure or give you massive visitors to your website from search engines.

seo for small business owners

Think of SEO as a practical way to make more product sales. Be free with yourself, I am telling from experience and I would really appreciate it if you will take your time to learn my concept of SEO and how you can learn. I will take you through some common terminologies of SEO if not all.

I will avoid stories and get straight to the point, imagine SEO as a means through which a website is rated. Rated according to the quality each website has to offer.

Once upon a time in your life, you either could have searched for a music video, a movie to download or where to buy beard cream online.

When you as a searcher, search for the query “Buy beard cream online”, no doubt you will be given a list of web pages on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) that sell quality beard cream.

The top websites you see on Google’s first search pages are said to be well SEO optimized which simply means they offer quality products or might have been in the industry for so long. The top 3 websites listed to you are the ones we should take note of.

seo for small business owners

These websites are very well optimized and would make a lot of sales compared to beard cream sellers whose websites isn’t search engine optimized and are on Google’s second search result page. I’ll crack a joke for you, I don’t want you to get bored – “do you know the best place to hide a dead body is in the second page of Google search result, 90% of Google searches don’t check pass first page since what they are looking for is right at their fingertip.

Trust me, if you offer a home restoration service in Texas, the USA and you’re on the second page of Google search results when individuals in Texas searches for “Home Restoration Service Provider In USA”. I am sorry, your business isn’t ready to make sales.

You can take action by hiring an SEO expert to manage your business website today at your own budget, thanks to freelancer platforms like where you can get remote SEO freelancers. I did SEO for a Nigerian travel blog and they still get massive analytic sessions from Google till today.

Search engine optimization is simple but hard, however, you need to have undergone lots of failures in the SEO industry, get penalized by Google Panda or get affected by Google Algorithm Updates. All these contribute and add to my experience as an SEO, that is why I can beat my chest and tell you SEO is simple but hard. I have experience and it is exactly what you need and it all starts with practice which you own. I am literally saying you own your own learning and SEO isn’t an exception.

To have an idea of SEO and rank your blog online, you need to start by practicing and this involves choosing and setting up your domain, hosting, selecting a preferred niche, and choosing the type of content you want searchers to find you with. It is advisable to have a webmaster or Blogger do this for you since they know in-depth about all these and can come over it easily. I will talk more about this in my next article. Do come back to read and learn.

SEO Terminologies You Should Know 2019

seo terminologies

My SEO glossary is what you should have an idea of as a business owner. You might not really want to know them in-depth but it is better you know a few of these SEO terms and their definitions so no random SEO manager will be able to cajole you with big SEO terms and giving you unnecessary billings.

These SEO terms include some terms closely related to Google ranking factors; in-fact – You should know Brian Dean Google’s 200 ranking factors.


Adwords is a Google “Pay Per Click” advertising program.


An AdWords site is a Made for Google AdSense Advertisement or MFA web site that is designed from the ground-up solely as somewhere for Google AdWords advertisements.


Affiliate can mean many things in different contexts, but in terms of SEO, an affiliate site promotes services or products that are sold on other web sites or businesses in exchange for a commission or fees to do this service.


google algorithm update
An algorithm is a program utilized by search engines to determine what pages and sites to suggest when a user enters a search query. You will hear the term used frequently when talking about the various programs, including Penguin and Panda, that search engines use to weed out “bad” sites that use tactics to improve their SEO ranking.


An ALT tag is the HTML attribute of the IMG tag. What an IMG tag does is assist in displaying images. In the event, the image cannot be loaded, the ALT tag is the text that is displayed instead. ALT tags do have SEO value as they do inform search engines of what is on your images.


Like ALT tags, ALT text is a description of an image or graphic in your site’s HTML. It is not displayed to the end-user unless that specific graphic is undeliverable. ALT text is important since search engines only read the ALT text of images instead of the actual images themselves. Otherwise, a search engine will not be able to differentiate between one graphic and another.


This term refers to a software program that assists in gathering and analyzing data regarding a web site’s usage. Some programs do come at a cost, but others, such as Google Analytics, are free.


Anchor text is the visible text of a link to a web site or page. It is when you enter a web address and it becomes underlined and blue. You may have seen it numerous times before but never knew the term of what it was exactly. Anchor text also the users to click on the text directly and be directed to the web page. The text describes what the page is about and what you will see if you click on the text.


No, this term does not refer to the fake grass used so frequently in sports arenas. It refers to something that is considered the opposite of full disclosure. Astroturfing is when a site is trying to advance a commercial or political agenda while attempting to be impartial in a social group.


Authority describes the amount of trust a site is given for a search query. This authority comes from the related incoming links to the page from other trusted sites.


A site is considered an “authority site” when it has many incoming links from other related experts or hub sites. Authority sites have higher PageRank and search results placement. The best example of what an authority site is would be Wikipedia.


These terms are similar and mean Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C).


A backlink is any link to a page or site from another page or site. It is a link that is placed on another website that takes the user back to your site. Having a lot of backlinks with relevant anchor text is one of the best ways to improve your site’s search engine rankings. Learn how to build backlinks here on Nobleloaded.

Find out more SEO terminologies from Search Engine Journal you should know as a business owner here.

Who am I?

I am Ayoola Daniel, an SEO Specialist, and Search Engine Marketing Expert. I work remotely as an SEO Manager for a few Companies in the United States of America (USA). I also spend a lot of my time designing stunning webpages with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so you can call me a Front-end web developer, fine by me.

Find my projects on Github. You can connect with me on Linkedin and also follow me on Twitter.  Thank you for being my amazing reader!

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