SEO Interview With Luke Davis – SEO Executive at Adzooma

seo interview on seo challenges

SEO Interview With Luke Davis Talking About Challenges In SEO

Hello, I welcome you to my first series of SEO interviews, and today I’ll be hosting Luke Davis, an SEO executive at Adzooma – A powerful, easy-to-use digital marketing platform improving Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads for businesses of all size. Luke is also the founder of Pandog Media, a network for the Black Digital community.

Well, that is enough info to know about Luke, let’s proceed to the interview which you can enjoy below.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Luke Davis, I’m from the UK, and I’m an SEO. I’ve been officially working in search for nearly a year but I’ve been involved with it since I was 10.

For a business owner that knows the term “SEO” but can’t quite explain it, how would you define SEO in a couple of sentences?

Making your website the best it can be so it gets the most visibility on search engines. If someone is searching for your niche, you want to be one of the first things they see.

How has marketing changed in recent years and why has SEO become so important?


There’s been a lot of focus on digital marketing as it’s a lot cheaper than traditional marketing. SEO has been around for decades but it’s a lot more sophisticated than it used to be. It takes on many forms and works with every aspect of a business that has content online.

How has Google and SEO changed over the last 10 years?

Google’s algorithms are everchanging and becoming more and more sophisticated with each update. Spam isn’t the issue it used to be and black hat strategies like keyword stuffing are almost useless. It’s all about showing authority and expertise rather than word counts and word placement.

What should local business owners be focusing on to get more local online leads?

(I don’t work in Local SEO so I’m not equipped to answer this I’m afraid!)

For a local business owner with a limited budget, what is the one thing you would tell them to start working on right now?

I live by a rule: GiTBaR – Get The Basics Right. If you have a website, optimize everything that doesn’t cost a penny and, if you can’t, make a priority list of the changes that will cost you money. And pay for it. Those basics include making sure your meta titles and descriptions tell users exactly what your pages are about, compressing images to increase page speed, using headings to help users skim content (as most do before they start reading), and making your site easy to navigate.

Why is WordPress such a popular content management system and how does it tie into SEO?

WordPress has the easiest entry-level for anyone wanting to put content online. You can use to do it or self-host and open up possibilities for customization. And there are a ton of SEO plugins to help you.

What are a few of the technical website updates and tweaks that a company can make to improve (on-page) website SEO?

  • Optimize meta titles and descriptions
  • Make your site mobile-friendly
  • Make your site faster with compressed images, good web hosting, and minimal scripts
  • Use a sitemap so your content is indexed quicker by Google
  • Use Schema markup to aid Google in knowing more about your content and what it’s about

How does social media fit into SEO and Google rankings?

Social media is a good tool for content marketing and promotion but it doesn’t have a direct link to rankings as if it did, it’d be open to abuse.

Are backlinks still important for SEO, and if so, what kind of backlink building should companies be doing?

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors and have been since the creation of search engines. It’s important to write helpful content and share it with relevant people while showing them the benefit to their readers and to the publishers. And be personable. Don’t make it seem like a shady exchange.

How much should a company pay for SEO services and how long does it take?

Sorry, I have to say this but… “it depends”. SEO can be as cheap or expensive as you want but paying more doesn’t mean getting the best. Whether you use an agency or a consultant, make sure they’re trusted and they’re not trying to sell you questionable tactics. Improvements can take weeks or even months sometimes so don’t expect overnight success. There are billions of pages on the internet so these things take time.
Listen to Luke Davis talk on Page2podcast podcast talking about his experience about starting with SEO and getting a dream SEO job by clicking here.


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