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Little Photo is an offline photo editor app and one of the smallest photo editing tools for android. The premium editing tools this app offers for free are numerous and there are many photo customizations features packed inside that you can never dream of. Yes, It is small in size (just 1.3MB) and will only consume tiny space on your Android phone, but don’t be deceived by the size because you will be suprised when you find out what it can do.

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Little Photo comes with its own camera app and it can also let you use installed camera apps on your phone to take pictures. You can start editing picture after taking them or you can import pics from gallery. It offers over 70 effects and tools which includes Lomo, Bokeh, Art paint, Mosaic cover, Marker pen, Burn spot, Body glow, Multi expo, Garden, Outage, Dream, Spot light, Waste film, Angel kiss, Ghost soldier and many more. It also comes with an additional plug-in which gives you additional photo effects and also let you take pictures using your smartphone front camera. Though the plug-in is not free, but it doesn’t matter much if you don’t mind using your rear camera at all times.

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However, there are two things we don’t like about this app. First, the camera doesn’t offer real time editing, you can only edit photos after you’ve taken them. Secondly, zooming functionality is not included, which means you can’t zoom when taking pictures, but autofocus do works. Also, Little Photo camera lacks basic functionality that many other camera apps are able to offer, but importing photos from gallery will be a good alternative and Little Photo do provide that. It also let you use different camera apps on your phone to take pictures which makes it more better. Besides these, it remains one of the smallest and greatest photo editing tools for Android.

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It is 2018 and Little Photo still remains the best when it comes to features and portability.

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