Some Weird Traditions You Probably Didn’t Know Existed In Nigeria


Each tribe and nation are limited by certain social practices and traditions and Nigeria isn’t an exemption.

Certain tribes in the nation, notwithstanding, have what one can allude to as peculiar, bizarre, and even absurd traditions. Odd, in light of the fact that in this time, it just feels absolutely tedious to practice such things obviously, however absolutely ordinary and worthy for occupants of those spots where they are practiced.

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1. Magun

Nigerian, similar to some different nations, have practically no capacity to bear infidelity.

Magun (Thunderbolt), dark magic which is generally utilized by the Yorubas, is put in a wedded lady without her monitoring it either by her husband or his family so that in the event that she submits infidelity, her sweetheart could wind up losing his life or stalling out while in the demonstration.

2. Widowhood

This is normal among the Igbos. A widow is exposed to embarrassment to demonstrate she has no hand in her husband’s passing. A wide range of disciplines are dispensed on her, for example, making her beverage the water utilized in washing her husband’s cadaver, shaving off her hair, and the preferences.

3. Witch-hunting

This is training among the Edos. At the point when a man or lady is suspected to either be a witch or a wizard because of odd events or passings in the family or network. Such an individual is taken to a witch specialist to go through a wide range of torment to constrain reality out of them and cause them to admit.

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4. Sharo celebration

This is regularly practiced among the Fulanis. It is done to demonstrate that a youngster has grown up and prepared to take for himself a lady. Sharo implies flogging. The youngster being referred to is constantly whipped by another, called a challenger, yet he should give no indications of agony as this is to test his perseverance level and his capacity to continue on.

5. Female circumcision

This terrifying tribe is commonly practiced in Africa. Not at all like male circumcision which includes halfway or complete expulsion of the prepuce around the privates, female circumcision includes absolute evacuation of the private parts just to protect the lady’s virtuousness. Because of training and media, this training is really decreased in the nation.

6. Fattening room

This is practiced by the Calabar. The fattening room is where young ladies are kept and arranged for womanhood. In times past, being fat is identical to being prosperous and all. That is what is the issue here.

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