Technical Drawing Examination Questions and Answers for SS2


Technical Drawing Examination Questions and Answers for SS2


Instructions:  Answer “all” questions in Section A of paper one. Each question is followed by four options letters A-D. Choose the correct option  for each question and shade the letter corresponding to the option you have chosen on  your answer sheet.

The representative fraction of the scale below is 1/100. Use it to answer question 1 and 2.

What is the length X on the scale? A. 2.66m B. 2.67m C. 2.68m
D. 12.69m

What is the actual length of an object whose length is measured as X on the scale? A. 0.266km B. 0.267km C. 0.268km D. 0.269km
The locus of a point on a circle as it rolls along a horizontal line is called a/an ____ A. Involute B. Cycloid C. Helix D. Spiral
Which of the following represents the true shape of the truncated pyramid below?

The type of line shown below is

Hatch B. Centre C. Break D. Hidden

Which of the following is a plane figure? A. Cone B. Deltoid C. Prism D. Rhombus
The figure below shows a/an A. octahedron in a cube B. Tetrahedron in a pyramid C. Tetrahedron in a cube D. Octahedron in a pyramid

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The circles in the figure below are A. Concentric B. Eccentric
C. Inscribed D. Circumscribed

In 3rd angle projection the plan of the object is _____ A. At the left hand side of the front elevation B. Above the front elevation
C. Below the front elevation D. At the right hand side of the front elevation.
What is the value of angle QRS in the figure below
A. 1000 B. 1200 C. 1250 D. 1350

Which of the following is NOT a type of section? A. Auxiliary
B. Half C. Part D. Removed

Which of the following is the end view of the block shown above on 1st angle projection?

A. B. C. D.

Which of the following the plan of the object above?

A. B. C. D.
The minimum number of planes used in orthographic projection is ____ A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four
An example of true shape of lamina is a ______ A. Sphere B. Prism C. Pyramid D. Triangle
The radical line method can be used to develop a ____ A. Cone
B. Cylinder C. Sphere D. Prism
The lower portion of a truncated pyramid is called _____ A. Ellipse
B. Frustration C. Annular D.
The line that touches the circumference of a circle without cutting it is called a _____ A. Chord B. Secant C. Tangent D. Diameter
A cuboid is cut by a plane QV as shown below, which is the correct true shape?

A. B. C. D.

The line PQ and QR in the figure below are two sides of a/an
A. Octagon B. Heptagon C. Hexagon D. Pentagon

What is the angle between a tangent and a normal to a circle? A. 300 B. 900 C. 450 D. 600
Which of the following is NOT a property of a polygon? A. Foci length B. Exterior angle C. Distance across corners D. Distance across flat

Use the figure below to answer question 23 and 24

The curve labeled P is referred to as A. Archimedean spiral
B. Parabola C. Helix D. Involute
The length marked Q is equal to the A. Diameter of the circle
B. Circumference of the circle D. Chord of the circle
Arrow head lines are used mainly as _____ A. Dimension lines
B. Projection lines C. Centre lines D. Hidden lines

Use the figure below to answer questions 26 and 27

The tool shown above is called ______ A. Calliper B. Try square
C. Scriber D. Steel rule
The tool is suitable for _____ A. Measuring diameter B. Holding workpiece C. Checking for squareness D. Fixing work piece
Which of the loci below is defined as a point moving around the circumference of a circle. A. Cycloid B. Ellipse C. Helix D. Parabola

The hatched portion Y is a / an ____ A. quadrant B. Chord
C. Segment D. Sector
The circle with Centre O is a/an A. Escribed B. Inscribed
C. Circumscribed D. Tangent
Which of the following material symbol represent insulation.

A. B. C. D.

The part of a building immediately above a window frame is the ____ A. Wall plate B. Kingpost C. Lintel D. Wall
Which method of dimensioning below is correct?

A. B. C. D.

Which of the following geometrical figures is constructed using the given side as the radius ______ A. Isosceless B. Equilateral
C. Hexagonal D. Pentagonal
Which of the following views requires true length for its surface development?

A. B. C. D.

The line X-X in the figure below is a _____ A. Centre line B. Hidden details C. Dimension D. Cutting plane

What is the value of radius P in the construction shown below?
45 B. 16 C. 17 D. 19

Which of the following is true about the freehand drawing A. It involves the use of a pair compass for curves and arcs only B. It must be a close as possible to the object drawn using instruments C. Dimensions are not used D. It is only useful when objects are to be drawn in elevation and plan.
The details of quantities of materials for a building are shown in the _____ A. Title block B. specifications C. Plan D. Elevation
One of these is not a building foundation A. File B. Raft C. Strip
D. Cohesion
The scale used in representing a full size of a drawn object is indicated as in option _____ A. 1:11 B.1:20 C. 1:1 D.2:1
A rectilinear plane figure with more than four sides is called ____
A. Triangle B. Polygon C. Heptagon D. Quadrilateral
The method of drawing isometric circle shown below is _____

Diagonal B. Foci C. Ordinate D. Rectangle
The elevation of an hexagonal pyramid out by a plane C – C is shown below which of the option represent the correct development?

A. B. C. D.

The construction carried out below is for the development of _____ solid

A. Square prism B. Square pyramid C. Hexagonal pyramid
D. Pentagonal prism
Technical drawing emphasizes safe working habit for the following reasons EXCEPT to ______ A. Enhance quality drawing B. Improve life span of equipment C. Improve paper quality D. Minimize accident
What is the function of the handtool shown below? A. Cutting B. Boring C. Holding D. Drilling

Two set squares are arranged as shown below. What is the value of angle QRS

A.300 B. 600 C. 750 D. 800
The part of a circle bounded by a chord and arc is called a _____
A. Sector B. segment C. Quadrant D. Diameter
Which of the following is NOT a member of a orthographic view?
A. Isometric B. Plan C. End D. front

Section B
Answer five questions, building drawing inclusive

1. A hexagonal base pyramid is cut by a plane QQ as shown below, draw, using a scale 2:1 the given
(a) Elevation
(b) Plan
(c) True shape of the section
(d) Development of the shape taking X – X as the seam

2. A triangle ABC has the following data side AB = 56mm, BC = 50mm and angel ABC = 600. Construct the triangle
3. Make a freehand pictorial sketch of a pair of round tongs.
4. Convert the rectangle below into a square of equal area

5. Draw auxiliary plans of these geometrical solids

6. The pictorial view of a sliding block is shown below. Draw full size in first angle projection
(a) Front elevation
(b) Plan
(c) End elevation in the direction of arrow P?

7. Study the specifications of the sketch plan of a two bedroom bungalow shown below and use it to answer the questions that follows:

Foundation: 750 x 450 laid over 100 thick cement concrete pad at a depth of 900 below ground level.
Floor: 300 hardcore, 150 concrete slab, 25 mortar screed finish floor to ceiling 3150
Lintel: 225 x 225 reinforced concrete
Door: All doors 1850 x 750 x 40 EXCEPT garage door – 2800 x 2100 x 40 roller shutter
Beam: 225 x 225 reinforced concrete 2400 above floor level
Railing: Balustrade 1000 high from the floor level
Column: 225 x 225 reinforced concrete
Roof: Pitched gable at 150 slope with corrugated asbestos sheet, timber rafter 1000 x 50 at 100 centres. Facia board 25 x 250 eaves 600.

(a) Draw to a scale 1:100 the
i. Floor plan in the form of the working drawing
ii. Rear elevation
iii. Front elevation

b. Draw to a scale 1:50 sectional view P – P



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