When it comes to productivity, few methods are as simple or effective as the Pomodoro Technique. Never heard of it? Never fear. The name for the technique comes from the word pomodoro, which is Italian for tomato.

When Francesco Cirillo developed the technique in the 80s, he thought the 25-minute intervals set by a standard tomato-shaped kitchen timer were perfect for productivity.

The 3 Best Online Pomodoro Applications

Below are the 3 Best Online Pomodoro Applications

  1. Tomato Timer


Tomato Timer is the simplest and most easy Pomodoro Timer application on the web. There are three main buttons: start, stop, and reset, though if you really want to maximize productivity, you can learn keyboard shortcuts. Tomato Timer does not need registration and is absolutely free.


You can also tailor your experience further by going into the options section and choosing specific timings for each Pom, your short breaks, and your lengthy breaks. You may set daily objectives, customize the timer’s alarm sound, and much more. Tomato Timer is the greatest alternative for individuals who use the Pomodoro Technique to get things done.


2. Pomodoro Tracker

Pomodoro Tracker, like Tomato Timer, is completely free. It may be used without registering, however registering provides additional perks and stat monitoring. Pomodoro Tracker allows you to create a to-do list and track your work by category. It also keeps track of how many Poms you’ve completed.


A sliding display of suggestions and tactics for increased efficiency while utilizing the Pomodoro Technique, as well as the foundations of how the approach works, is located underneath the timer.


3.  Marinara Timer

Marinara Timer is the simplest form of a Pomodoro Timer that may be imagined. It enables you to establish a client timer, but the site is little more than a massive display of numbers with a stop and restarts button underneath it.


The site logs the start and stop times of each of your sessions under the timer. It’s basic and clear, and it’s probably the greatest option for newcomers.

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