A webpage can be archived for a variety of reasons. The most apparent application is to save a webpage in case it is later erased; nevertheless, it may also be used to copy text from a source while avoiding specific obstacles.

Avoiding ad money on websites is one example. Journalists frequently archive web pages that include stuff they don’t want to promote but must report on in order to avoid bringing traffic to the site directly.

There are a few services that stand out above the others for whatever reason you need to archive a webpage. Let’s have a look at some of the top websites.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, often known as the Wayback Machine, is the most popular archiving service on the internet. If you’re homesick for a website from a decade or more ago and wish to revisit it, chances are the Internet Archive contains a few pictures of it.

Did you know, though, that you may use the Internet Archive’s web servers to make an immediate snapshot of any website you want? You may start the process by going to this page.

Simply type the URL of any page you want Internet Archive to crawl and store into the Save Page Now section. You’ll be transported to the page while it’s being archived after using the Enter key or pressing the SAVE PAGE button.

Internet Archive will produce a permanent snapshot of the page in a matter of seconds, depending on how large the page is.


Everything you’ll need is on one page, which includes a form for archiving a page (at the top) and another for searching stored snapshots (bottom).

The bookmarklet is one of the finest reasons to utilize archive.today as your archiving service. You may navigate to any website you wish to generate a snapshot of by dragging and dropping the archive.today bookmarklet button into your browser’s bookmarks bar and clicking on it.

This will open a new page and immediately begin the saving process.


With its service, Archive.st brings the minimization of archiving services to the next level.

Archive.st is a quick and easy archiving option if the reCAPTCHA checkbox doesn’t deter you. It will not only make a replica of the website, but also a full-page screenshot for you.

Archive.st will display an error and provide a link to the most recent snapshot for URLs that have already been archived. You may, however, force-save a new snapshot by clicking the Archive icon again.

Online archiving services are an excellent way to protect yourself against stuff that vanishes. While they aren’t infallible, combining many of them is an excellent approach to ensure that the online data you want remains available for a long time.

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