You have that fantastic snapshot from your vacation, prom, graduation, or wedding. Except for the fact that the background is, well, less than ideal.

It would be your favorite shot if you could just get rid of the messy background. Here are the finest free picture tools for removing the background from a photograph.

The 4 Best Free Tools to Remove a Background from an Image


  • Background removal that is intelligent
  • Background removal by hand
  • Edges should be refined.
  • Edges should be defined.
  • Touch-ups on the hair
  • Portrait, product, and graphic modes are all available.

FocoClipping is just what you need since it checks all of our boxes for background image removal.

We were able to place the hiker on a beach, resize the backdrop, and download it in a full-size.png or.jpg without any manual modification using the test image.

Removing and changing the backdrop on a shoe for a product photograph worked out beautifully as well.

This was done entirely on autopilot. FocoClipping brightened the shoe and improved its appearance over time.


Background Eraser



  • Background removal that is intelligent
  • Objects should be extracted
  • Restore the image
  • Smooth
  • Toggle the original image
  • Sizing up social media

Backdrop Eraser by handy closet Inc. is the easiest picture background removal software for Android, despite the fact that it has a lot of adverts. For less than $4, upgrading to the pro version is well worth it.

It was simple to modify the hiker to make them appear to be on the beach. The red picture flip tool should be noted. If the wind was blowing in the other direction from the palm trees, the hiker might be flipped so that their ponytail was blowing in the same way.

It was also simple to edit the shoe. The final product may simply be uploaded to an eCommerce site and appear professional.

This is the app for you if you pitch things on social media. Watermark-free downloads of edited photographs are available in full size and resolution.

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ProKnockOut-Cut Photo Editor


  • Background removal that is intelligent
  • Background removal by hand
  • Processing in batches
  • Layers
  • Touch-ups on the hair
  • Original picture flipped, rotated, and resized
  • Text should be added.
  • Filters

It took several hours to find a free photo background remover for iPhone or iPad. ProKnockOut-Cut Photo Editor, thankfully, put a stop to the hunt.

Without going through the app’s tutorials, editing the hiker image was quite straightforward. The end effect is good, but it will not deceive anyone. Perhaps you should go through the instruction.

It took much longer to take a product shot of the shoe. Because the image was monochromatic, it required both smart and manual background removal to achieve a high-quality result. Some abnormalities can be seen around the toe and mouth.

Downloads and sharing in standard quality are available in the free version. If you’re really into social media or use photographs for selling online, it could be worth the $60 to upgrade to the complete version because it offers so much more than background removal.



  • Artificial intelligence (AI) backdrop removal
  • Background removal by hand
  • Processing in batches
  • Installation space is limited (3 MB)

BgEraser is an easy-to-use free tool that employs actual AI for background removal on Windows. It’s fine if you believe your Windows PC is incapable of handling AI. BgEraser is more of a stand-alone tool than an application programming interface (API) for their online AI.

You’ll need to create a free account to acquire the 1080 x 1080 pixel limit. It’s restricted to 700 x 700 pixels otherwise. It also doesn’t replace the backdrop.

You’ll need to download your backgrounds image and replace it with your own using a free image editor. Even so, it’s the finest free one currently available.

It takes seconds to upload the hiker photo and remove the background. The quality of your internet connection will determine how fast you can go. The end effect is on par with any of the other background removers we’ve published.

The shoe turned out good, as well. After all, it’s free. If you look closely, you’ll see that the region right inside the shoe’s heel is translucent. This would have been more obvious if we had utilized a bright substitute background.

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