Depending on the nature of your work, your typing speed most times is very essential for the success and smooth running of the company because it will reduce the time spent on a particular project.

Apart from trying to type fast because of your work, there are other reasons why you may want to know how fast you type, to do this you can use any of the mentioned websites below.

The 6 Best Sites to Test Your Typing Speed

Below is the list of 6 Best Sites to Test Your Typing Speed today.


This is a website that allows you to test your typing skills. TypingTest is one of the finest free platforms for determining your WPM typing speed.

It has a clean, contemporary design that is easy to use for beginners, as well as a comprehensive selection of exams to choose from. You may select the length of the exam (from 1 to 10 minutes), the difficulty level, and the subject for the text you’ll write.

This exam is only focused on speed, and any mistakes you make will not be highlighted. However, since mistakes are subtracted from your final score, it’s best to pay attention when typing. After you’ve completed the exam, you may play a typing game or enroll in a typing school to enhance your speed and accuracy.

2. is another excellent resource for determining your WPM typing speed. You have the option of taking a test that is 1, 3, or 5 minutes long, as well as an exam that is 1 to 3 pages long.

The site will send you to the typing page after you’ve selected your mode. The content is simple to follow and suitable for beginners. Your mistakes are marked in red as you type, allowing you to go back and fix them.

It is not, however, required. Make sure your computer’s sound is turned on while taking the exam so you don’t lose out on the beautiful old-school typewriter sound effects.

3. 10 Fast Fingers

Try a test on 10FastFingers if you’re searching for something a bit more difficult. Unlike other websites that provide you with full text, or at least paragraphs that make sense, 10FastFingers provides you with a string of random words. There is no punctuation, so you may concentrate entirely on your words.

You may take a test with a word limit of 200 words or a word limit of 1000 words (advanced – a free user account is needed). After you’ve completed the test, you’ll be able to check your WPM as well as the accuracy of your typing.

4. Speed Typing Online

Check out the SpeedTypingOnline exams if you want to put yourself to the test with more difficult texts that include new terms and a lot of punctuation. The major distinction is that this site provides you with literary excerpts to evaluate your typing abilities.

The duration of the exams varies as well, ranging from 30 seconds to a whole 20 minutes. You can also see our WPM, accuracy, the total amount of words you wrote, and the number of erroneous words you typed when you receive your result.

5. Typrx

Typrx is the perfect platform for you if you want a more interactive approach for your exams or just like a little friendly rivalry. This website transforms typing speed tests into a competition. You may race random people, invite a friend to a private race, or take the exam on your own.

You can view your current WPM as well as that of your rivals throughout the race. You’ll also receive stunning visuals and race-like sound effects to go along with your test. The sole disadvantage of Typrx is that you must constantly go back and fix your mistakes, or else the site will not allow you to continue. Finally, you’ll see your final WPM, accuracy rate, and time it took you to complete the race.

6. LiveChat

You’ll enjoy the typing speed test at LiveChat if you’re a self-proclaimed minimalist. It’s easy to understand, clear, and direct. This test will have you read a series of random words on a single line with no distractions on the screen. You’ll view your results, including WPM and accuracy, after 60 seconds. Refresh the page if you wish to alter the wording and start again.

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