The Best 10 Browser Games to Play Any Time

The Best Browser Games to Play Any Time

Web browser games allow you a special sort of enjoyment as you’re not expected to install any software in order to play them. Although you’ll require Internet connection and might have to activate Flash (in your computer’s browser), playing browser games comes with excitement.

Ranging from rider games to puzzles, browser games are lovely gaming choices and quite interestingly, some of them (such as the Chrome Dino Game) do not require any Internet connection.

In this article, you’re bound to find out the best 10 browser games to play any time.


Spelunky is one great browser game which stimulates you into the land of discovery where the player is made to wade through obstacles and fight destructive monsters in the quest for underlying treasures. If you’re a lover of enthralling web browser games, you can rest assured that Spelunky has got you covered with random game levels that guarantee a new exciting experience.


This is one of the top choices among web browser games best suited for lovers of puzzles. In Threes, you’re faced with such a complicated game but which is easy to understand. The player’s aim, in Threes, is to get similarly numbered cards lying near each other and arrange them over one another.

A Dark Room

With this browser game, you stand to explore an exciting adventure which starts in a frosty and darkened room. You’re expected to look after a fire in the room and as you keep it burning, you’re introduced to several other gaming options and you gradually get to the root of the story.


A lovely shooter game, Doom is here to enliven lovers of action games which prompt them to come up against terrific enemies and employ varying weapons in completing difficult missions. In this browser game, the player struggles his way through an arcade of rooms fraught with growling enemies.

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QWOP is one game you might fall in love with provided you’re addicted to annoyingly difficult games. Although not a usual sports game, QWOP comes with an athletic feel as the player is made to control an ill-fated athlete. While it appears difficult to achieve, the player’s aim in QWOP is to forge forwards without tumbling over.


This is one sure rider game that may thrill you to the full. Linerider comes with an easy-to-control rider for whom you sketch a ridiculous track and see as the rider excites you with fun slides. Some of the things which add to Linerider’s awesome feel are customization options such as creating several amazing routes, incorporating additions and making tons of edits.

This game has got some cute look which might give you the impression that it’s simply a walk in the park. However,, which takes memories to the old mobile Snake game, becomes really complicated when the player is made to face other players in the course of becoming the longest crawler.

Chrome Dino Game

Chrome Dino Game is Google Chrome’s adventurous runner game that you can play in offline mode. Obviously, this game is certain to interest many gamers as one of the few browser games that do not require Internet connection. Meanwhile, Chrome Dino keeps you in a frenzy of excitement as you’ve got to evade pterodactyls flying below and leap over cactuses.


This is just the perfect browser game for anyone who intends to have a feel of the popular golf game. While it isn’t complicated as the realistic golf game, Wonderputt lets you experience a delightful game-based moment of golfing. You’re able to find out the trajectory and angle of your shots by simply positioning the cursor available in the game.

The Helicopter Game

This is another intriguing game as it lets you control a fast-moving helicopter. Its gameplay appears quite simple as you only have to use your left-sided mouse button in gliding the helicopter up and down. Also, you have to exercise enough caution while flying through the game’s outstretching cavern so that the helicopter doesn’t crash.


You’re sure to find several other browser games on the Internet but if you’re really keen to have only the interesting ones at your disposal, you can always consider the ones we have reviewed so far.



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