Bet9ja Old Mobile Vs Bet9ja New Mobile

Bet9ja’s old mobile site is a pretty simple betting platform for anyone to use. Punters, on visiting the site, get to see the available markets and events they can bet on and by courtesy of the site’s simple layout, they’re unlikely to encounter any difficulty as regards placing their bets.

In the second place, bettors on Bet9ja’s new mobile site get to see an overview of the major sporting events (such as basketball and soccer) that are available. In all reality, the new Bet9ja mobile site likely meets all the standards expected of a modern site. Bettors using the site can testify that they enjoy a faster browsing experience and access to improved features.

Why Are Bettors Still Using Bet9ja’s Old Mobile?

With the development of the new mobile site, Bet9ja has signalled a gradual transition to a more advanced betting platform for its punters. However, quite a few Bet9ja subscribers are still glued to the old mobile site. Practically, this isn’t because Bet9ja’s old mobile is better than the new mobile but in reality, some bettors are sticking with the old site for the following reasons:

  • Many Bet9ja bettors are not using smartphones
  • These bettors are browsing on phones with slow Internet connections. Meanwhile, the old mobile site is better suited for such phones
  • Some bettors are likely irreversibly accustomed to the old site. They feel they’re more inclined to it compared to the new site
  • The old mobile site consumes lesser data compared to the new site. Of course, some bettors are not satisfied with browsing on sites that seem to consume much data

Why the Switch to the New Mobile Site?

Some punters may want to know if there’s any significance in Bet9ja’s transition to a new mobile site. While certain punters prefer the old site to the new one, it’s still reckonable that Bet9ja envisioned the need to catch up with recent technology and the fast-paced requisites for trendy designs.
For the fact that it was essential for Bet9ja to offer a site with an enhanced design and features better suited for smartphone users, one may agree that the switch to Bet9ja’s new mobile is meaningful.

What Distinguishes Bet9ja’s New Mobile from Bet9ja’s Old Mobile?

It’s highly reckonable that both Bet9ja’s old mobile site and the new mobile site are suitable for the placement of bets on various sporting events. However, the major points of divergence between the two Bet9ja mobile versions are:

  1. Bet9ja’s new mobile happens to be an upgraded version of the old mobile
  2. Bet9ja’s new mobile boasts a more fashionable design –compared to the old mobile, the new mobile appears more modern with an upgraded layout and additional features
  3. The new Bet9ja mobile loads pages faster than the old mobile and it’s better tailored to the web browsing efficiency required on smartphones

Which Is Better Between Bet9ja’s Old Mobile and Bet9ja’s New Mobile?

Telling which is better between the new mobile site and the old mobile site is a matter of subjectivity because what is preferable in one person’s opinion might not be so in another person’s. As regards keeping up with modern standards, the new mobile site comes as the better pick. Bettors willing to enjoy an undiluted betting experience on their smartphones are very likely to favour the new mobile site above the old one.


We hope this article has provided you with an honest review of Bet9ja’s old mobile and Bet9ja’s new mobile. Having grasped the point of this article, you should be able to determine which is better for you between the two sites.

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