It was earlier mentioned by the Federal Government of Nigeria that there will be a reopening of the Third Mainland Bridge which was closed some months ago for renovation.

The Third Mainland Bridge was to be reopened on Monday, the 15th day of February 2021 according to what was said by the FG.

On the 24th of July 2020, it can be recalled that the Federal Government of Nigeria had announced the total shutdown of the bridge for a total of six months for renovation and rehabilitation work.

The reopening of the bridge was later extended by one more month due to the pandemic that was experienced last year especially because of the Endsar protest which stopped the work from progressing.

After the one month extension of the project, by calculation the project is supposed to come to a completion on the 15 of February 2021.

However, today, the 14th of February 2021, another announcement was made letting the public know that they have been another extension of the project.

The reason why the reopening of the Bridge has been extended is for the casting of the last expansion joint.

Mr Olukayode Popoola

Mr Olukayode Popoola who is the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos made this know via a telephone conversation and the conversation was made know to the public by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Mr Olukayode Popoola mentioned that the bridge will be completed and opened by the end of February and not on Monday again as earlier mentioned, however, the new date for the completion and reopening has not yet been announce and fixed.

But then it is expected that the project is supposed to be completed on the 21 of February 2021.

According to Popoola

In his statement, he said, “Third Mainland Bridge will no longer be opened on the 15th of February 2021 as announced earlier on.

“In order not to create untold hardship for the motoring public using the Third Mainland Bridge for their daily activities, the contractor is not allowed to close the Third Mainland Bridge during the week to cast concrete.

“Lane markings on the completed section must be completed. The Federal Ministry of Works and Housing regrets the inconveniences the extra days may have caused the Lagosians.”

We are looking at the end of the month for the reopening of the bridge. That is the end of this February.

“They will cast concrete on the last expansion joint next weekend. We are not allowed to cast during the week so that the traffic will not be too much for people going to work. They will cast next weekend and after casting, we need about three or four days to do post-tensioning. That is why we are looking at end of February completion.

“Casting will be done next weekend for the last expansion joint, it will require total closure of the bridge next weekend just to prevent vibration. So if we close the bridge Friday night, then we cast on Saturday by Sunday we will open it. That will be the last total closure to fix the last expansion joint.”


The reopening of the Third Mainland Bridge has been extended from the 15 of February to the end of the month which date has not been fixed but expected to be on the 21st.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the extension of the bridge was made know via a telephone communication with Mr Olukayode Popoola who is the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos.

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