TikTok is an interesting app for creating and sharing relatively short videos (with the maximum length of 60 seconds) which you could get thousands of social media users to see.

In early 2018, TikTok struck a landmark of one million downloads, making it the most downloaded app as of then. Ever since then, the app has continually captured the fancies of many addicts of short videos and is now said to have over 500 million users across the world.

Reading this post further, you’ll find a lot of information about using TikTok, its privacy settings and how to download the video-centric app.

Using the TikTok App

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TikTok can be downloaded and used by people of any age bracket beginning from 13 years old. This age restriction is just one of the features that place TikTok in the caliber of age-sensitive apps.

Once you have joined the TikTok community perhaps by downloading the TikTok app, you’re free to see the videos created by other TikTok users or simply do your own videos which you want other TikTok users to watch. Meanwhile, TikTok guarantees you the ease of making and sharing videos pertaining to various areas of interest including travels, music, sports, comedy, arts, pets, games and food.

So, you can be sure of seeing videos that match up to your liking. Quite interestingly, clicking on a love icon is all you need to see contents similar to a particular content that delights you.

Just like Instagram, Twitter and certain other social networks let you build some following, TikTok avails you the excitement of meeting other people and inspiring them to be your followers. Moreover, the video-centric app lets you share your videos to Facebook, Instagram and just certain other social media platforms. Given that you’re bent on making the most out of TikTok, you can be sure of creating a huge following and earning yourself a great reputation.

TikTok guarantees you the ease of video making courtesy of its array of enhancement tools –such as stickers, filters and effects –from which you can select. Obviously, these enhancement tools will help spice up your videos.

About TikTok Privacy Settings

As a sensitive video-sharing platform, TikTok highly prioritizes privacy, hence allowing you to determine the TikTok users who can partner with you for a video duet, decide on who can download your videos and even single out people who can comment on your content. Also on TikTok, it’s only the users with whom you’re friends that can send you messages. This private mode of messaging and certain other usage modalities symbolize that TikTok prioritizes users’ privacy.

TikTok’s privacy settings also let you avoid seeing obnoxious or offensive comments under your videos. To do this, users only need to activate the TikTok feature which enables them to filter comments up to a limit of 30 words of their choice.

Safe Use of TikTok by Children

TikTok paves the way for filtering of contents, making the video sharing community a suitable one for people of various age groups. Parents can moderate their children’s use of TikTok by controlling the content such children can see, restricting their time on TikTok and setting their accounts to private mode. For instance, TikTok allows you to restrict your child’s daily viewing time to 40 minutes so that once the 40-minute duration elapses, your child will have to input a password (earlier set by you) before they can continue viewing.

Another form of parental control TikTok users can devise for their children is “restricted viewing mode” which filters content and ensures the children only get to see the content considered appropriate for them.

Downloading TikTok


To download TikTok on your Android phone, visit the link here


TikTok has made its mark as one of the most-downloaded video-centric apps. If you’re really passionate about making fun videos which you want others to see, TikTok is certainly one great avenue for you to translate your passion into reality.

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