Tips On How To Make Your Relaxed Hair Become Natural


Natural hair is the trend these days and we absolutely love it. However, not many women want to shave off all their hair and start again.

Not worry though. There is no need to cut all your hair as we have the perfect tips for you.

Tips to know if you are considering going natural by transitioning.

1. Consider the ‘big chop’.
It is very much uncommon for people who wish to go from relaxed to natural hair to cut a big chunk of it – that is, cutting off all the relaxed hair, leaving a short amount of new growth near the certainly the best option for creating healthy growth, but not everyone wants their hair to be less than an inch long.

2. Trim your hair regularly.
Once you apply relaxers on your hair, it becomes permanent. Once your hair has come in contact with a relaxer, it can never naturally grow back. So, if you don’t want to cut a big chunk of your hair, trimming regularly is your best choice.
Start by cutting off a few inches of your hair once a month. With time you definitely will have cut off the damaged and relaxed parts which will, in turn, help the hair grow naturally.

3. Find a great styling product.
Many women can vouch for the importance of owning a good hair gel, pomade, or spray; with the right products, you can cover up even the most unsightly of hairstyles.
Go through your different hair products, and try using them to style your hair. Try by not using any elastic bands. You may like the results better, and it will be safer and more gentle on your fragile hair.

4. Try using braids or twists.
Use loose cornrows, braids, and twists on your hair because tight cornrows can cause breakage. The best choice for transitioning hairstyles is box braids and Senegalese twists. These hairstyles are good because the extension hair is covering your real hair. What is most important here is that, keep whatever style you use very loose, to avoid stressing the strands of hair

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