Do you have a long weekend coming up? This is a time for celebration and a perfect moment to savor quality time with friends and family. There are several ways to spend memorable and enjoyable moments with your homeboys, homegirls, family, or alone if fate has it that way.

Whatever it is, a long weekend is a free pass to happiness and should not be left to waste. Here are some blissful ideas you should consider if you have this revered opportunity coming your way.

1.    Take A Trip

Think about it, who in the world hates a good vacation? Nevertheless, an ideal vacation works best when you know what you want from the trip. Since you only have a few days, you should keep things simple but memorable. It can be anything from an off-the-grid cabin in the wild to a sun-drenched afternoon by the sea. Even if you’re on a low budget, there are endless fun destinations you can visit and enjoy your time bonding with the close people in your life.

However, most people may not be looking to dig deeper into their pockets for a weekend. So, a city tour can be a great idea! You might be surprised that there are so many places near you that you probably know nothing about. For instance, have you been to the latest social event? Or taken a bus ride to the other side of the city? Pick any tour and spend a day absorbing the sun and rediscovering your surrounding.

2.    Read That Book

There is no better way to enjoy a peaceful alone time at home during your free time. Reading opens your imagination and lets you into a fancy world you never thought possible. A busy schedule may hinder you from reading that book you bought last summer. Take advantage of your short holiday to rekindle the love you had when you spent your money on it. If you wish to buy a new book online, ensure you get it from a verified seller.

3.    Get Your Room Together

With an extra free day or two, you have enough time to get stuff done around the home that you have been avoiding. This could mean rearranging your room or closet. In the process, you might find some things you no longer need and may want to donate. Having a clean and arranged house is so peaceful, again you might even make money selling your old stuff. A long weekend gives you time to get this job done, and yet more time is left for you to relax.

4.    Watch A Movie

A movie night with your friends and family is fun, especially when you spice it up with a theme. Based on what your friends and family prefer, you can select a theme such as those old B-town classic movies or stream the latest shows of your choice. Whatever it may be, invite friends over and binge-watch your favorite movies and series all day.

5.    Learn Something New

You can spend your short vacation doing something creative or learning a new skill. For instance, you can learn how to paint. After a long week filled with too much stress, you can unwind by learning a new skill. Painting increases your critical thinking abilities and nurtures a positive attitude. Also, you can try a new baking recipe or prepare the meal you enjoy at your favorite restaurant.

6.    Go on An Epic Drive

If you love adventure, this is a safe haven for you. What better way to experience the endless array of stunning coastal views, breathtaking valleys, and rugged cliffs than to be free behind the wheel? Get your car stocked with enough snacks, good company, and good music, and hit the road. However, safety is equally important. Have your first aid kit in check and do not drink and drive.

7.    Have Fun Outside with Friends

Take this time to catch up with old buddies and homies. Have you been planning to visit that new hyped-up restaurant in town? Take this opportunity to explore their best meal. You can always quickly plan a nice and simple picnic or visit the park with your friends. Also, you can join other revelers at night as you go club hopping till the morning sun. If you are more of a sports person, this is the time to try some adrenaline-pumping activities likes go-karting or paintballing with your close friends. Or take it as an opportunity to catch up with someone you’ve lost touch with. In case you lost their contacts, find them on Nuwber.

8.    Catch Up on Your Favorite Shows

There are probably several shows on your bucket list that you have not had the time to sit and watch. Well, this is your chance to catch up with these shows and binge on new drama series that your friends recommend. However, ensure you’re stocked up with some snacks and drinks. Grab that throw blanket and enjoy your time alone with the celebrities.

9.    Have Fun with Kids

Short holidays are also ideal for spending time with your kids, nephews, nieces, or younger siblings. Having a busy work schedule may distance you from your kids. Hence, you want to take advantage of your free time to bond with them. Get to play hide and seek with the kids, build a fort or take them to the park. Also, you can involve them in cleaning activities at home where they can have fun and learn at the same time.

10. Make the Weekend All About Self Care

Book that spa appointment and get that deep tissue massage you have always wanted. Self-care reduces anxiety and stress and makes you feel better about yourself. After a long week, this is probably how you would prefer to spend your long weekend, relaxing and pampering yourself. Get your hair done, have a full manicure and pedicure, do your daily skincare routine, do your laundry, and enjoy a relaxing weekend in your backyard enjoying your 40 years old scotch or wine.


Anytime there is a long weekend, most people almost never have plans for it. Sometimes you want to relax, and sometimes go all out on an adventure. Either way, the activities above have got you covered on how to spend your next long weekend.

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