The online sphere has always availed people a whole lot of opportunities for making money. Year in year out, the Internet has been filled with money-yielding opportunities for people to tap into.

Therefore, we have come up with the 10 Top Approved Ways to Make Money Online in 2020. Whether you’re an idle student, a home-staying person or somebody willing to have a side business, you can be rest assured that the online sphere has got something to offer you.

1. Working as a Virtual Tutor

Provided that you have what it takes to impart knowledge to others and would like to do that online, working as a virtual tutor could be your surest bet. Fortunately, NG Tutors is one great online platform for people to harness online resources in imparting knowledge to others in their specified academic fields. Also, you can make use of virtual interactive tools such as webinars in making success with this business.

2. Engaging in Affiliate Marketing

Popular e-commerce brands including Jumia and Konga offer programmes into which you can enroll as an affiliate marketer. As you may have heard, affiliate marketing entails using your website, blog or social networks to help companies promote their services, products or programmes.

In return, you get some commission usually for each product/service you promote in this regard.

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3.Sites and Apps Testing

App developers, coders and even website owners need the services of people who can test their newly developed apps or websites before such products are eventually launched. This is to foresee any glitches or defects which might be associated with the apps or websites. You can expect to be paid for every app or website you help somebody to test.

4.Online Property Listing

Nowadays, there are notable property sites such as Private Property, Jumia House and Tolet which let you do online listing for houses or other buildings available for sale or rent in your neighbourhood. Prettily, these sites allow you to serve as an agent, meaning that you’re entitled to a certain fee for each of your property listings that convert into sales.

5.Online Book Publishing

If you’re a writer with a couple of yet-to-be-published books and wish to convert your effort into money, you should consider publishing such books online. Needless to say, Okadabooks and Amazon are well-known sites which let you make money by publishing your contents including reviews, short stories and novels. As Okadabooks’ visitors read or download your contents, you can expect some payment in return.

6.Engaging in Blogging

If you have a strong knack for writing and sharing valuable information through your write-ups, you may go into blogging. All you need is selecting an area of focus and pooling together the resources (both mental and physical efforts) required for setting your blog in motion.

7.Online Freelancing

One sure way you tap your own monetary juice from the Internet is to operate as a freelancer. Provided that you’ve got some professional skills such as graphic design, social media management, search engine marketing and content writing, you can rest assured that presence on freelance websites (such as Fiverr and Upwork) can connect you with people who need your service. All you need to ensure you get paid for your services is to get either a PayPal account or Payoneer account ready.

8.Online Sale of Designs

If you’re an avid designer with a wealth of engaging designs at your disposal, you can make use of a website as Printivo Online Store to simply monetize such designs. On Printivo, people place orders for designs or make use of the designs available on the site. By making your designs available on Printivo, you can expect a commission equating 15% of the price tag for each design the site helps you sell.

9.Selling on E-commerce Sites

If you’re a merchant who hasn’t been making reasonable money selling offline, year 2020 might be the best time to start selling online. With e-commerce sites such as Payporte and Konga, you can freely list your products and hope to attract a huge number of buyers.

10.Completing Online Surveys

More and more research companies engage the services of people who can devote their spare time to filling online surveys. Such surveys might be required for product testing or for executing a research project. While this is a common way some people make money online, you can commit a few hours daily to online surveys and expect some money in return.


So far, we have discussed the 10 best ways to make money online in 2020. Although there are various other online alternatives to making money, you’re very likely to make real success with any of the ones discussed in this post.

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