Top 10 Brands of Laptops to Buy in 2020

A laptop or laptop computer can also be called a notebook. It can simply be described as a small or portable personal computer that is commonly used for work in the office, in education, for playing games, Internet surfing, for personal multimedia, and general home computer use.

Laptop brands refers to the various producers of the different models or types of laptops that are available in the market. There are several brands of laptops available in the market these days but only a few of them are reliable to deliver an excellent performance in terms of speed, data processing and all the other functions of a laptop.

 Brands of Laptops to Buy in 2020

When we consider the best laptop brands we must not only look at the outward beauty or design of the laptop but we must consider the technical support and durability of the laptop in question. To help you choose the best laptop brands, here is a well-researched list of the top 10 brands of laptops to buy in 2020.

Here are the Top 10 Brands of Laptops to Buy in 2020

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  1. Apple

Apple is a technology company that is located in Cupertino, California USA.  The brand is well known for designing, developing, and selling consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Apple is one of the best brands of laptop products in the market. They are the producers of the following laptops MacBook pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, IMac, IMac pro, and Mac pro. Etc.

Apple is a luxury brands when it comes to laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones and music players. Not only are they good with laptop production, but also top in customer support, build quality, user friendly, design, power and display. They produce the most attractive laptops with a backlit Apple’s logo on the back. Apple is top on my list of top brands of laptop to buy in 2020 because of all the features mentioned above and also for the fact that most of their products come with 14 days refund policy which can be very helpful for most of the users.

  1. HP

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is one of the world’s leading brands of laptop computers and electronics. HP provides the most reliable laptops that are widely used by gamers and professionals. HP has laptops that are durable and fast at data processing. Their customer service is simply fantastic. Some of the most popular HP laptop series’ are Envy, Spectra, Pavilion, and Elite. HP is on my top list of brands of laptops to buy in 2020 as it is very affordable and comes with an excellent warranty and support.

  1. DELL

Dell is a computer technology company that sells, repairs, and support computers and related products and services. Dell is your best option for Windows laptops world-wide. They have the best technical and after sales support and all their laptops are very affordable as they come with low prices. Dell is one of the top brands when it comes to laptops and computers in general and that is the reason it has found a way into my top list of brands of laptops to buy this year.

  1. ACER

Acer is a Chinese laptop brand that is very popular as one of the largest manufacturer of low budget laptops in the world.  With Acer, you are sure to get the best value for your money as the brand is set at all time to give you what you paid for. Apart from manufacturing budget laptops, Acer also produces high-end gaming laptops as well as premium notebooks.

Aspire is Acer’s famous and most popular series with hundreds of notebooks for all kinds of users.  Acer recently introduced the Predator series for their gaming users and theses machines are set to change the future of company. In all, you will totally agree with me that Acer is a decent laptop brand and I therefore, advice you get one of their models this year especially users on extremely low budget.


Lenovo as you must already know by now is one of the most premium laptop brands in the world with slightly higher prices compared to other manufacturers. This brand manufacture laptops that are ideal for various tasks and can be used by anyone including professional gamers, businessmen and college students. Lenovo is mostly known for their business class laptops that offer not only power but also super flexible design. Their most popular series are Yoga and Flex series which have been named as some of the best portable laptops of 2020. This Chinese brand also produces smartphones that have long lasting batteries. As a huge fan of Lenovo, I am advising you to get any of their series this 2020 as the performances they offer in their devices are extreme and most of their notebooks come with a solid build quality.

  1. ASUS

ASUS laptops are commonly associated with being affordable compared to other brands of laptops from around the world.  The reason behind their being affordable might be their in-house manufacturing of motherboards. Their mini laptops and Chrome books are highly known for being the best budget-friendly machines. Their hardware is of very high quality including HD displays, storage drives and of course motherboards.

This brand is located in Taiwan and they also manufacture other electronics including smartphones and tablets. The brand produces budget machines that offer good performance, full HD display and over four hours of battery life. They have become a major laptop brand as such it is one of the top brands of laptop to buy in 2020 from my point of view.

  1. MSI

MSI is one of the best laptop brands in the market today. This brand of laptop are usually made of very high quality and are also sold at very high prices. The brand constantly come up with new innovations and wonderfully designed machines that gets users more attracted to the brand. For gaming, it is highly known for delivering the best high-end gaming laptops. It’s a leading brand for gamers and they don’t really have anything for budget users. They offer a 24/7 customer support for users and gamers. For these and many more I can say that the MSI is a great brand of laptop and that you should endeavor to get any of their series or models in 2020 and you will not regret it.


Microsoft is one of the oldest computer brands and is known for their popular devices known as Microsoft Surface Book. The brand is an American company widely recognized for their Windows OS that is presently used by 90 percent of world computer users. Some of their laptops are primarily designed for professionals and most of their devices are priced relatively high. Recently, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Surface Pro 4 a new laptop which is relatively slim, light and sturdy. This is one brand that has one of the best from their social network accounts compared to other brands available. Microsoft laptops comes with warranty and a battery life that can last for more than 12 hours of usage.


Toshiba laptops are all-purpose laptops and are excellent choice for daily use. This brand is one of the best budget laptop brands for users that need a basic machine for daily tasks like watching movies, browsing, and chatting. The brand’s latest series is the Satellite C series that delivers their lightweight and thin laptops. Toshiba laptop are cheaper than their competitors and full value for your money. They have a vast collection of notebooks for every kind of user to fit within their budget.


Samsung is a huge and popular electronics brand. The brand has introduced some of the popular laptops such as ATIV Book 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 Plus. These laptops are known for their ultra-slim design and great specifications.


Now you can make your pick from the top 10 best laptop brands to buy in 2020 as listed and discussed above. With a high level of confidence I can assure you that any brand you eventually choose out of the lot is going to be a great choice as the list has be carefully compiled and composed of only the top and truly best brands in 2020.


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