Top 10 Highly Rated Nigerian DJ’s


In this post we will be talking about the current top Nigerian DeeJays.

The job of a DJ cannot be over emphasized as we have recently seen top musicians all around the world hiring their own personal DeeJays.

The steady rise of the Nigerian Music Industry has seen the rise of some indigenous Deejays who have earned interntional recognition for their skills. Currently Nigerian Deejays are doing very well for themselves compared to early generation Deejays . The achievements of the current crop of Deejays that has springed out in recent years has made many Nigerian youths consider a career in Disk Jockeying.

From the richest to the least richest we bring you a list of Nigerian Top DJ’s and their networth.

1. DJ Cuppy


Some years back, no one knows this lady. In those periods, people like Jimmy Jatts are still the ones dominating the charts. However, she came out on a certain day and started pushing them forward (of course, she used various factors to achieve her aim). Apart from being a woman (women in the industry are easily spotted compared to their male counterparts), she is also passionate about what she does.

Florence Otedola, popularly called DJ Cuppy, is regarded as the richest DJ in Nigeria as things stand now. Her father is a Nigerian billionaire – Femi Otedola, who is known for his heavy investments in the oil industry. It is impressive to note that apart from her exploits as a DJ, she is also a music producer and it also fetches her some resources – either directly or indirectly.

One admirable thing about the youth lady is that despite her father’s wealth, she doesn’t fold her arms depending on what her dad has, but she kept working hard herself to make her money.

She has the choice to become various things, considering her dad’s influence and even her education (Florence has a degree in Business and Economics). She could have chosen to become a boss in one of her father’s company and all of that, but she seems to have a huge interest in the art of DJing

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This lady established her own entertainment company that is known as Red Velvet Music Group. She has traveled far and near, and it is said that she is worth an estimated 200 thousand dollars, aside from the various accolades she keeps receiving since she started her career.

2. DJ Jimmy Jatts

Here is another interesting dude who is a well-known figure in the industry. Actually, Jimmy Jatts is regarded as one of the pioneering Nigerian DJs, as he started before many others. He has worked with various firms and musicians, and he has decided not to relent in what he is doing. Obviously, he is still enjoying what he does, perhaps because of the passion plus profit factor therein. If not for some factors, he will have been regarded as the richest guy in his industry in Nigeria, but no, he takes his place on the second spot. 


3. DJ Xclusive

DJ Xclusive is a popular figure in the Nigerian entertainment sphere. He has been in the industry for years, and many upcoming folks are looking up to him for various things. Apart from being a DJ, he also ensured that he diversified and indulge in other things, such as record producing. He is actually one of the best in the industry, and he has been rewarded with awards for his efforts. For instance, he was the one who won the World Best DJ belonging to the Nigeria Entertainment Awards. Therefore, he obviously earns a lot of money from the things he does.

4. DJ Spinall

DJ Spinall is another known figure in the industry for his exploits and achievements. It is quite impressed to note that this man is the first DJ that was endorsed by a brand in the continent of Africa. He was able to create connections with his skills, and he became someone associates with the craft. To show how rich he was, he has had his tour in American (he became the first DJ to do that in Africa). Of course, this is something many other DJs haven’t been able to do, as it takes a lot of resources to pull such things. Therefore, DJ Spinall is the fifth man on our list.

5. DJ Neptune

On the fourth spot on the list of richest DJ in Nigeria is DJ Neptune. Many people are already familiar with him, as he is a celebrity in the country’s entertainment industry. Before many DJs started, DJ Neptune has begun and has been able to grow into one of the major guys in the industry. He worked for Ray Power 100.5 FM in Lagos and experienced a boost in his career when he began working with Naeto C.

6. DJ Humility

DJ Humility is one popular figure in the industry, and he has been able to create a name for himself. He is well-known and has been able to produce various music that breaks into the media. Apart from that, the DJ also owns a record label that is known as H-records. He is the sixth guy on our list.

7. DJ Sose

DJ Sose knows the necessity to stand out in an industry like his, and he did something surprising that draws attention to him, and that has distinguished him from the pack. What he did was to tattoo on half of the face – which is pretty weird. Sose performs in different events and he makes money doing that.

8. DJ Caise

DJ Caise stood out from the pack in various facets. For one, he is good at what he does, and he is also handsome. In an industry that gives a lot of priority to looks, Caise has been advantaged, as many will get easily drawn to him, give him all necessary connections, and then link him up with high paying events. For instance, he has performed in highly rated  festivals and events which fetched him a lot of money – including the likes of MTV, Big Brother Africa, BET, and so on.

9. DJ Lambo

DJ Lambo is one of the female DJs in the male-dominated industry. She is also good at what she does, as she has been able to win various recognition that pushed up her popularity. Before the merging that occurred between Loopy Music and Chocolate City, Lambo had been signed while the former was still independent. In 2016, she was honoured as the best female DJ of the Year (of course, such an endorsement will shoot up her worth). We should also add that the year before then, she is already on the list of top Nigerian DJ to watch out for.

10. DJ Kaywise

DJ Kaywise is a well-known person in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and he has had a lot of deals with some very popular persons in the industry. Kaywise has recorded numerous songs that featured people like Olamide and Falz. Additionally, he has had various DJ mixtapes well embraced by many music lovers in the country, which added more shape to his career.



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