Sport betting is as risky as the game of gambling.

While there’s no need stressing the above assertion, we may have to stress the importance of the sites, platforms, channels, etc. established for the prediction of sport games.

Interestingly, sports betting Telegram channels are no exception from the imposing host of platforms where bettors can access tips for their favorite sports games.

Just like sports prediction sites, sports betting Telegram channels analyze key statistical trends across targeted sports actions and events. Based on such analysis, the channels offer tips that will most likely give members a great shot at winning the bets placed.

Even as losses sometimes appear inevitable, there’s no denying that all sports punters want to make money from their bets. Frankly, one way such people can stand the chance of recording more wins than losses is joining reliable sports betting Telegram channels.

Therefore, we have conducted extensive research on the reliable sports betting Telegram channels out there and here is our list of the top 15 sport betting Telegram channels and/or groups to join in 2021.

Fixed Tip Experts 100%

This Telegram channel provides members with predictions on fixed matches and matches that will end in draw. With over 600,000 members, Fixed Tip Experts needs no introduction as a widely known Telegram channel for sports betting tips.

Fixed Tip Experts proclaims assurance of 100% accuracy over its fixed match predictions. You may not find it convincing that Fixed Tip Experts is dependable, but interestingly, the channel’s huge member base of 600,000+ people is a pointer to its reliability.

Fixed Matches (CS)

This is another Telegram channel with a huge member base. While it touts itself as a provider of 100% sure tips on fixed matches, Fixed Matches (CS) boasts as many as 565,000 members. Meanwhile, the channel claims generating its betting tips from verified sources.


Spartan Bet Empire

This telegram channel is one of the most dependable options on this list. Spartan Bet Empire owes its reliability to the consistent release of predictions with huge rewards and less risk.

One of the things you’d like Spartan Bet Empire for is the continual flow of tips. Beyond that interesting perk, the sports betting Telegram channel further guarantees members a good deal of predictions with a likelihood of success.

On Spartan Bet Empire, you’re bound to come across odds more concerned with the tendency of the two teams in a football match to score or the overall number of goals the match would record. This is to say that if you’re keenly interested in goal-centred bets (such as a stake on the number of goals a particular match would yield), Spartan Bet Empire could be the go-to Telegram channel for you.

Bet Legends

Bet Legends is really a nice Telegram sports betting channel but if you’re unwilling to risk substantial sums, it might not be the befitting option for you. On the one hand, Bet Legends requires you to be considerably patient and on the other hand, the sports betting group adopts a unique approach to bet predictions.

Favourably, Bet Legends’ prediction approach is characterized by little or no risk as the Telegram channel selects low odds on teams from various football leagues. Oftentimes, the selected odds are the lowest (odds) but with the biggest assurance of win.

Bet Legends is known for providing its members with a whole lot of predictions, hence giving them a good shot at betting on numerous games. Long and short of Bet Legends is that the Telegram channel offers sure but low odds to which you should commit large sums in order to win big. In this case, a Nigerian bettor may have to place a bet as much as #10,000 on odds of 1.35 in order to end up with an estimated win of #18,000.

Smash Bookies

Smash Bookies is a Telegram channel that provides sports betting tips. However, the tips are not available to countries where betting is considered illegal. Besides holding a considerable subscriber base of 56,000 subscribers, another pointer to the reliability of this Telegram channel is the availability of expert-provided tips on fixed draws.


Betfair is a dependable provider of betting tips in such sports as football, cricket and tennis. With the subscriber base of 76,000 subscribers, Betfair is probably another reputable sports betting Telegram channel.

Betwinner HT/FT 100%

If you’re a diehard lover of betting tips on fixed matches, you may rest assured that this Telegram channel will measure up to your liking. In one vein, Betwinner offers tips on fixed games and in another vein, it describes itself as a provider of 100% fixed matches in both half time and full time. The reliability of Betwinner is presumably nothing to worry about as the channel maintains a reputable member base of 275,000 subscribers.

Bet365 –Accurate Betting Reports 100%

This Telegram channel prides on self-proclaimed provision of 100% accurate betting reports. The channel further touts itself as a provider of the most accurate betting tips on all major games. As we speak, the Telegram channel holds more than 100,000 subscribers.

BetWay Accurate Betting Reports 100% Sure

This Telegram channel is a leading provider of sports betting tips for punters in countries without legal restrictions on betting. While the channel boasts no less than 44,000 subscribers, it also labels itself a provider of accurate sports predictions.

Toss Match Prediction

Toss Match Prediction is a Telegram channel for lovers of the game of toss. While the channel holds as many as 243,000 subscribers, it is considered a reputable channel for people looking for predictions on cricket and toss games. You should note that Toss Match Prediction is exclusively for access to toss predictions and as such, the channel is not an avenue for betting.


Value Odd Club

This Telegram channel offers free-to-access football betting tips. Besides having a good deal of free betting tips members can select from, Value Odd Club is known for releasing tips on upcoming football matches as well as live matches.

Some of the interesting sides of Value Odd Club is the daily release of free betting tips, stake sizes and the results of the tips. If you’ve been on the lookout for a sports betting Telegram channel with regular posting of tips, Value Odd Club is likely one of the options you can bank on.

Betting God

Betting God releases tips with associated high odds and is well admired for accurate predictions cutting across the EPL and several other major football leagues.

Asides offering predictions on major football league matches, one thing you’d like Betting God for is its provision of free but accurate football betting tips. Betting God also makes brief but insightful analysis of games, hence giving its members a nice shot at having successful predictions.

If you’re a lover of sports betting Telegram channels with high odds, nothing should stop you from giving Betting God a try.


BettingUnlimited may not be the name that first comes to your mind during any thought about excellent sports betting Telegram channels/groups. Nonetheless, BettingUnlimited is a pretty good place with lots of expert-provided football and basketball betting tips.

Admittedly, BettingUnlimited is generously loved by punters who not only need tips but also hope to receive professional advice on bets. If you’re strongly interested in dependable football and basketball prediction tips, you may give BettingUnlimited a try.

If you prioritize experience in selecting the best sports betting Telegram channels, Betting Unlimited is likely one of your befitting options. With more than six years of presence as a sports betting prediction platform, BettingUnlimited readily commands a decent level of experience.

Tmastermindz Bet

This sports betting Telegram channel is an exciting place that lets you access betting tips on both popular high-performing teams and teams you might not have ordinarily considered for your bets. Whether you’re looking for reliable betting tips on football games or games in certain other sports, Tmastermindz Bet could be the go-to Telegram channel for you.

Prettily, Tmastermindz Bet guarantees you daily predictions so sufficient that you can be sure of picking from them every day. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Telegram channel boasts a huge subscriber base, hence lending credence to its reliability.

Lotous Book

Lotous Book isn’t only a sport betting Telegram channel but also an online betting channel in India. The Indian Telegram channel boasts as few as 136 subscribers, making it a relatively new sports betting Telegram channel.


Win-Win Turkey King

If you’ve got special interest in betting tips pertaining to less popular leagues, you may find Win-Win Turkey King exciting. While this Telegram channel offers special bets that majority of betting sites barely feature, it’s quite fascinating that members are allowed free access to the channel’s betting tips.

Win-Win Turkey King provides members with predictions ranging across all leagues. Courtesy of its considerable subscriber base holding 8,000+ subscribers, Win-Win Turkey King is deemed one of the reliable Telegram channels for sports betting.


We strongly believe that you’ve identified one or more useful options from the listed Telegram channels/groups for your sports betting. Few of the listed channels might not match your taste but certainly, a decent number of the 16 channels are worth joining.


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