Top 23 eCommerce Websites in Nigeria for Online Shopping(Full List)

There are currently lots of eCommerce sites in Nigeria, an this has helped immensely in boosting our economy to a specific level. eCommerce sites, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce sites, refers to sites or platforms designed specifically for the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions [1].

Online shopping in Nigeria is no longer news as many young folks are beginning to enjoy the fun that comes with safe and secure ecommerce experience. eCommerce sites in Nigeria have been doing pretty well, and they will continue to do better in the coming years.

There are lots of online shopping sites, however, the cons still far outnumbers the pros of this  online eCommerce shopping websites. One thing most online  shop owners should be aware of is that  online store is  one chance to prove your brand value to your customers. Over the years they’ve been an incredible increase in the number of  best online ecommerce shopping websites both in Nigeria and across Europe especially Jumia Nigeria and Amazon to be specific. Men and women, including  online shoppers can easily use their visa debit card or credit cards to shop online from the comfort of their homes without moving a finger. Some online shops even have instant online customer service or customer care representatives to handle deals and sales without hassle.

The best part of the shopping sites is their user friendly nature and social media availability for easy contact and complains. Most online sites offers quality products and services and others dont, so its better to be prepared.

Below is a list of the best eCommerce sites in Nigeria out of the numerous ones available for quality products delivery.


1. Jumia


Jumia is the first online eCommerce site in Nigeria to actually capture the attention of Nigerians. The company is not a small player in the business of shopping online in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole. Frankly speaking new small business and businesess learn from them as the number one ultimate destination in the online shopping industry.

Jumia delivers each and every product ordered or purchased by customers with high level of professionalism and also considers consumer’s satisfaction a priority. Jumia Nigeria, established in May 2012, is Nigeria’s version of

What makes Jumia konga very unique is that buyers can get anything they want ranging from electronics to cosmetics, clothing, accessories and groceries, and many more. Jumia also offer special discounts and promo from time to time.

To get started, check-out the Jumia Marketplace website.

2. Konga


Konga is undisputedly a forerunner in the business of online shopping in Nigeria. As an eCommerce site  in Nigeria with positive capacity, Konga sell products at an interestingly discounted rate, and offer coupon codes that really works.

They have daily deals like no other online shopping store in Nigeria, and their delivery is nationwide. You can actually buy from Konga with peace of mind as other sellers on the platform who tries to sell counterfeit products are booted out without losses on the consumer’s part.

Their support is always top-notched, so is their delivery and after-sale services. Konga also offers pay on delivery services nationwide.

Konga also allows small businesses with varieties of products to sell and showcase on their website. Click here to learn more about selling on Konga.



Jiji is one of the largest and most used online platform for buying and selling products (mostly used) in Nigeria. It serves a mass-market clientele. Before you buy a product from Jiji, you must be very sure of the seller you are dealing with because there are lots smugglers registered on this platform, always reads seller reviews before making payment for the goods and/or services. Jiji, Pan-African digital classifieds company recently raised $21 million in Series C and C-1 financing from six investors, led by Knuru Capital.

Visit today



Payporte is one of the most popular Nigerian electronic shopping mall. It is one of the eCommerce sites in Nigeria that does not only sell electronics but offer good after-sales support to buyers that shop daily from their user-friendly platform.

Just like Konga and Jumia, Payporte allow users to market their quality products via their e-shopping website. They also have rules and mechanism in place to checkmate fraudulent sellers, thereby protecting their customers from all kinds of frauds.

There’s also an affiliate program at Payporte that lets users without a product of their own earn some good amount of money by promoting quality products from other sellers.

Visit Payporte today by clicking here



Slot is not just an online shop in Nigeria but one of the best ecommerce web stores in Nigeria. They have functional retail outlets in every major city in Nigeria where users or buyers can go to buy phone and gadgets. Slot Nigeria is renowned for the good after sale services and great customer support it has maintained for over a good number of years.

Visit Slot today by clicking here


Image result for Kara ONLINE SHOP-eCommerce sites in Nigeria

Kara Nigeria online shopping mall is the trading brand of Royal-coast Technologies Limited. They have been in the Nigerian cyber-business space for more than 3 years already and do run various sales promo from time to time. Kara Nigeria online malls deals with sales of PC, smart phone, kitchen appliances, consumer electronics and fashionable accessories. Kara is the No.1 online shopping site destination with the largest collection of electronics, smartphones, mobile phones,computers, fashion, inverter, solar panel and so much more.

Visit Kara by clicking here



Parktelonline whose official website is accessible from is a big player in the sales, distribution and marketing of cell phones, mobile power banks and phone accessories. Their website uses a solid SSL certificate from COMODO CA Limited to protect user’s data. Popular payment methods such as: Visa, Master-card, Verve and pay-on-delivery is fully integrated for online buyer’s shopping pleasure.

As one of the top eCommerce sites in Nigeria, most of their wares comes with a free delivery promise for those shopping from Lagos and/or federal capital territory (FCT, Abuja).

Visit them now by clicking here


MyStore is also among the reputable online stores to shop from in Nigeria. The company has lasted for over a decade now with good testimonies and reviews from their customers nationwide. Products that can be bought from this platform include; kitchen utensils and equipment, home decor, and office essentials.

Pay a visit to Mystore Here

Gidimall is a fast-growing online store. The platform has been proved by many to be a good/trusted site for online shopping. It has existed for some years now and had kept a good reputation.

Electronic gadgets/accessories, home essentials, drinks and food items, cameras, printers, and etc. are goods that can be purchased on Gidimall. With you can conveniently engage in online shopping without hassle. Shop online across a wide variety of products without leaving your home or office and have it all delivered to you at your door step.

Visit Gidimall now

10. Olx Nigeria


Olx is just like the Craigslist of Nigeria. On Olx, there are lots of fairly used items to buy for cheap and really ridiculous amount. Users and buyers are advised to be very careful here as most fraudulent users are registered in the website already. Just deal with persons with several positive reviews. You can get access to Olx homepage via

11. Ajebomarket

Practically, our list of eCommerce sites in Nigeria wont be complete without the inclusion of Ajebomarket. Ajebomarket which was founded in July 2013 is unarguably one of the leading online fashion stores for men in Nigeria and has a clear vision of becoming the best in Africa. It is premium products are for both teenagers and adults. With ajebomarket recent features, everyone can easily shop online from Ajebomarket. Wide Collection of men’s clothing, shoes, watches and accessories. Pay on Delivery. Shop Online or Offline. Wide Range of men’s wear. Affordable men’s wear. Money Back Guarantee. Types: Men’s Shirts, Men’s Tracksuits.

When you think of anything fashion for men, maybe it clothes, watches, shoes, bags, then check Ajebomarket and make your purchase.


Pay a visit to Ajebomarket today by visiting

12. Yudala

Yudala is particularly outstanding when it comes to their online and offline Black Friday deals. They understand that trust is one primary virtue that Nigerians value as people prefer to pay on delivery than pre-paying online. They have established big retail shops in key cities in Nigerian and also plan to stretch out to different urban areas over the long haul.

They have demonstrated over time how genuine they are with trustworthiness and fast deliveries. This was evident in their drone delivery of goods.Yudala is one eCommerce online shop you can trust. You can proceed to Visit Yudala for your online shopping.

13. BargainMaster

bargainmasterng-com_-3110156 Bargain Master is a marketplace built for men, ladies, and children. They guarantee you get the most reasonable prices for your items and also have them delivered in the most comfortable way possible. With only one search, you can choose your items. Likewise, you can negotiate on the site to get the best price and deal possible. Visit BargainMaster Today.

14. Dealdey


Dealdey is popularly known for inexpensive goods and astounding deals. Dealdey has been in this online shopping business for quite a long time, and they understand the importance of excellent customer service.

The delivery from Dealdey is timely; you need to be cautious with disagreeable sellers with silly prices.You can checkout for all your shopping needs.

15. Chrisvicmall


Chrisvicmall may not be as renowned as the big players in the eCommerce business; however, they’re one incredible destination to purchase goods online. You can search for gadgets, hardware, garments, and sundry on the site.

Chrisvicmall additionally does product shipping into Nigeria from China.Log on to to start shopping now.

16. Obiwezy


This online store offers clients the chance to purchase original used-devices with a guarantee. Likewise, you can exchange your old devices for an incentive on the online-based shopping platform. The website is focused on providing quality IT foundation in the country.

Among the items you can buy on Obiwezy are PCs, cell phones, phone accessories, peripherals, etc.Visit Obiwezy today for that shopping experience you seek.

17. KiliMall


Kilimall is one major online shop in Nigeria with branches outside the country, so you can trust them to deliver top-notch goods and services in Nigeria. They permit customers to make payments through various secure online methods Kilimall has its items orchestrated in classifications that allow for smooth, fast and straightforward shopping.

Their vast range of products ranges from cell phones, devices, accessories, PCs, garments, books, personal care, healthcare products, fashion products, shoes, home machines, baby items, and many more from Kilimall.

18. Escapade


Escapade is a decent internet store. They deal majorly with items from well known and trustworthy organizations. Although Escapade isn’t popular in Nigeria, however, they are very reliable when it comes to shopping on the web for goods like Home machines, building materials, fitness accessories, electronic devices, etc. Webmail is on the list of top web-based stores in Nigeria.

It manages a more extensive scope of items classified into proper categories. It is a reputable online shop and has been running for over four years in the country.

The goods on offer range from, Desktop and laptop computers, projectors, home & office appliances, fitness accessories, fashion products, electronic devices, mobile phones, and more.

Visit Escape Now.

19. Vconnect


Vconnect is the leading successful professional resource site in Nigerian. We decided to include Vconnect as one of the best eCommerce sites in Nigeria because of its tract record in online service delivery and consultancy.

Quite recently, they entered into the Nigerian online store business, and by all accounts, it has been a brilliant move. Buying goods on Vconnect implies that you are dealing with an organization that regards their customers rightly with both pre-sale and post-sale customer support. Their items are decent and also come at extraordinary prices. You have nothing to fear when shopping on Vconnect.

Log On to Vconnet and Start Shopping.

20. Sellatease


Sellatease is a marketplace established by Alpha Donald, a web designer who doubles as a blogger. “Sell At Ease” is a link between the buyer and the dealer, pretty much like Olx. Donald established the site to assist businessmen and women in reaching their customers, just as the name suggests.

Do you want to either Buy or SellAtEase?  Visit SellAtEase Now.

21. Supermart

eCommerce sites in Nigeria

Supermart is an eCommerce sites in Nigeria or online market that permits you to shop for more than 10000 goods from more than twenty stores in Lagos.

On the website, trained personnel assist you with selecting food supplies and convey to you within 3 hours after purchase. They have a vast range of products and goods on offer.

Check out Today.

22. Cartng


CartNG is one of the web-based shopping sites where everyone can purchase various goods. Also, your request will be conveyed to your doorstep as soon as possible. You can shop from the different classes recorded on the website. Buy from CartNG.



gloo-ng_-1354616 Second to the last on our list of top ecommerce sites in Nigeria to check out is Without compromise,Gloo is a very trustworthy, web-based shop. T

he organization is about four years old now; furthermore, they have stores offline situated in certain developed countries. On the site, you can find items like beauty products, home appliances, books and media, food, drinks, etc. Visit Today.

24. SMEMarketHub

SMEMarketHub is an eCommerce shop owned by GTBank

SMEMarketHub is an eCommerce  sites in Nigeria owned by GTBank. The platform was launched to empower small businesses (SMEs) in the country. The SME MarketHub can be used by small business owners to reach a wider audience.

They give stunning deals on products every day. There’s no limitation here; you can find anything on the website.

Locate SMEMarketHub now. In conclusion, we can see clearly that there are lots of ecommerce sites in Nigeria for online shopping and frankly, the list is still increasing on a daily basis. More online shopping sites and even the best of the best online ecommerce shopping websites with quality products and services are yet to be launched.

Be that as it may, you can make your choice from the list above as your  ultimate destination for your next  shopping experience.

Don’t forget to check the user friendly nature and the wide variety of offers each of those online stores in nigeria has to offer before making any decision.  


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