Friends are some of the wonderful people in our lives and we should be ready to reciprocate the love they’ve shown us. Whether they constitute your family or not, your bosom friends are precious humans because they add meaning to your life in one way or the other.

Meanwhile, emotional quotes are a pleasant way to convince your bosom friends that you’re appreciative of their love. Whether they are your wife, husband, lover or blood relation, your best friend deserves gratitude from you.

Are you eager to send your friends emotional messages? Would you like to appreciate their care over you without having to compose any new messages?

Well, you can rest assured that we’ve got some quotes that will perfectly suit whatever meaning or impression you’re willing to create.

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Here Are the Top 35 Emotional Quotes on Friendship

  • You are so dear to me. Every time I spend with you brings me joy. I will forever thank God for making you my friend.


  • I am forever grateful to God for sending you my way. You have made me understand the true meaning of friendship. I hope to spend the rest of my life being your friend.


  • I have been with many caring people but you stand out from the crowd. Being your friend is the best thing to have happened to me. I promise to remain your friend till I can breathe no more.


  • You are the most caring person I have ever come across. Whenever I’m with you, I breathe happiness. I hope to remain your friend so that I can have an ever-fulfilling life.


  • The love, care and concern you show me are more precious than pearls. You have the best qualities I can desire in a friend.
  • Missing you for one day seems like missing you for a century. You’re the one I want to be with every day of my life.
  • Till death separates us, nothing will get in the way of our friendship. Everlasting friendship with you is worth more than gold.
  • Being your friend is the best thing to have happened to me. I wish to remain your friend in this world and in the world beyond.
  • You have always lent me the shoulder to lean on. You have offered me the biggest relief in times of agony. I do not see any other human who can replicate the love you’ve shown me. I want to be your friend every second of my life.
  • You’re nothing short of an angel bestowed upon me by the Lord. Each time I feel your presence, I’m convinced that the Lord has granted me paradise on earth.
  • Instead of condemning you for your flaws, true friends will be ready to correct such flaws. You seem to have corrected the flaws in my personality. You’re the perfect description of “true friend”.
  • When there is no sun to brighten my night, your lamp of friendship keeps me illuminated. I will forever cherish your presence in my life.
  • When we first met, you knew I wasn’t perfect yet you accepted me. You’re a true friend because you never expected me to be perfect but hoped to build me into a perfect being.
  • If the Lord requests that I choose a single person to spend eternity with, you’ll remain my choice even If I should contemplate a million times.
  • You came into my life and changed me for good. Forever will I be thankful to you. I will always hold you in high regard as you’re the rarest of gems.
  • You have made me the perfect man I could ever desire. I will always appreciate your presence in my life.
  • Your caring nature and affectionate dispositions have made you secure a place in my heart. If truth be told, you have captured my heart and I must admit that there is no friend like you.
  • My thoughts of you are the balm that soothes my soul and relieve me of terrible memories. Each time I see you by my side, I consider myself the happiest creature on earth.
  • Your company is worth more than all the luxuries of this earth. I wish to be accompanied by you for the rest of my life.
  • Because you’re the dearest of friends, you have sacrificed a whole lot of things for me. You’ll forever have a place in my heart. I’m thankful to the Lord for sending you my way.
  • When people of the earth broke my heart, you came my way and promised to mend my broken heart. Now, I’m never scared of heartbreaks from people because you’ll be ready to mend my broken heart again and again.
  • Friendship with you is the best thing I can ever dream of. I am more than glad to have a creature like you in my life. Please, be with me forever.
  • Before you came into my life, I had no one to confide in. Now that I have you, I’m convinced that I can always share my feelings rather than let them remain a burden in my heart.
  • So long as love and friendship go hand in hand, you’re the friend I’ll always love to be with.
  • You’re more than a friend; you’re indeed my heartbeat. Your love towards me is the reason why my heart still beats. Without your love, I am nothing because my heart will hardly beat.
  • Truly, we had sore moments which nearly shattered our bond of friendship. But because we weathered the storm that accompanied those moments, we’re the best friends of each other.


  • When deep depression sets in, we’re conditioned to think that this life is meaningless. But when friends stand by us and greatly care for us, we’re encouraged to read meaning into life. Truly, friendship renders our lives meaningful.


  • The excitement of sunlight ends the moment the sun sets but the excitement of friendship lasts throughout one’s life.


  • You’re my best friend not only because you make me happy but also because you’re the only one who can perfectly interpret my emotions.


  • Even if we don’t see or communicate with each other for years, you’ll remain my best friend because true friendship lives in the heart. Your love will forever blossom in my heart.


  • Never have I regretted making you my friend. If I’m required to make only one person my friend, I’ll choose you again and again.


  • Other people love me for the benefits they derive from me. You’re the only one who loves me unconditionally.


  • A great friend is an asset much more valuable than houses, cars and other worldly assets.


  • You are the best person I have ever known because you made me understand the real meaning of friendship. Indeed, you’re the friend I will always need in my life.
  • Instead of using my weaknesses against me, you chose to correct the weaknesses. You have made me a strong human and I must confess that there is no friend like you.


We are hopeful that from the friendship quotes provided in this post, you have been able to pick one or more quotes that are ideal for whatever meaning you intend to create while appreciating your friend(s). Your best friends are wonderful people and it could make the most sense that you send them emotional quotes at least once in a while.

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