Top three most expensive hotels in the world.

Las Vegas

Welcome to yet another edition of, ‘hotels and more”. We know we promised that we would focus on Nigeria alone but these facts shocked us so much we decided, why not just throw it to you. So we did a survey and you would not believe the facts we found. We are going to be counting down the top three most expensive hotels in the world so, buckle your seat belts and let us go on this virtual tour together. Now, remember, no shading, no judgments, we are just going to get facts and facts only. How we decide to spend the money we work hard for is our choice. So if you’re here to expand your mindset, you have come to the right place! What we will do is say the name of the hotel and write down the price in dollars and naira, so are we ready? Let’s go

1. Palms casino resort. Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the city of gamble and luck! We love Las Vegas, seeing that a hotel in Las Vegas is topping the list is no surprise. Las Vegas is famous for being a city of spending and enjoying. The palms casino resort reportedly has been renovated over two years and a whopping 1 billion dollars was spent during the renovation! The palms casino has one of the world’s most extensive art collections.

The prices of some rooms available at the palms casino.

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  • Kingpin suite- $15,000, N6,000,000
  • The Hardwood suite -$20,000 , N8,000,000.
  • The empathy suite – $100,000 , N40,000,000.

Imagine spending 40 million naira a night? Wow! Luxury redefined!

2. The Mark, New York.

New York City is said to be one of the busiest cities on earth! If you agree, why don’t we get straight to the point! The mark has only 141 rooms. The famous black and white marble floor give a touch of luxury. Of course, we haven’t been there, but we can’t wait to visit.soon! its no denying that this hotel gives glamorous and expensive taste.

The most expensive room in this hotel is reported, $75,000, and that is approximately N30,000,000. This is an exquisite hotel and an exquisite price!

3.Hotel President Wilson Geneva.

The view of this hotel is the main attraction. It overlooks lake Geneva. The hotel has 228 rooms. The most expensive room in this hotel is 66,800 pounds per night which is approximately N33,533,600.

Did this list shock you as much as it shocked us? Yet sadly, we would not be displaying the pictures of the hotel for reasons best known to us. So we hope this list has inspired you?

Why don’t we explore the most expensive hotels in Nigeria in our next post! See you!

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