The Richardson 112 hat is the most popular trucker hat of all time and is a design that has seen many uses and has been used in many industries. When buying Richardson hats in bulk you can get your hats at a cheaper price and with the convenience of buying a lot of stock at the same time. You can use trucker hats for recreation, giveaways, a marketing tool, branding, and in a professional capacity. Let’s take a closer look at this versatile and popular style of hat.

History and Design

The trucker hat traces its origins to the 1960s and the trucking industry before becoming more widespread. While similar to the baseball cap, a trucker’s hat has design elements that make it unique. First of these is that, unlike most baseball caps, a trucker hat’s back is made out of mesh, making them more breathable. The second design difference is that trucker hats tend to be broader in front. Due to ease of fit and high levels of customization, truckers’ hats have expanded beyond the trucking, farming, and other rural industries they originated from.


Trucker hats are easily customized to fit a number of industries and uses. Colors can be selected in either solid or split two-tone designs to fit a particular design idea of team colors for a company, or club, or team. Plus, once you have trucker hats in the right colors, you can have them further customized with logos or embroidering to create a unique item.

Ways of Wearing a Trucker Hat

Like many accessories, there are several ways to wear a trucker hat.

  • Forward: the easiest way to wear a trucker hat is to wear it as designed. This is with the bill facing forward, the hat properly fitted, and the bill pull down to be somewhat even. Not only is this comfortable, it works well with many styles of clothing and also blends in with the crowd.
  • Backward: a more youthful look often associated with younger people and college students wearing a trucker hat backward is a relaxed and less serious look. To wear your hat comfortably you shouldn’t try too hard to keep the front part straight. Angling the hat’s bill downward towards your neck can make your hat more comfortable to wear.
  • Raised Upward: a variance in the common way to wear a trucker hat. This style involves wearing it front-facing but with the bill angled upwards. This creates a more fashionable and unique appearance that goes well with certain fashion choices.

Another tip for wearing a trucker hat is to remember that the simplicity of the hat is part of its appeal. Because of that, you don’t want to overdress as it could clash with your hat and your clothing should match the straightforward style that a trucker hat employees. Also, darker colors can be easier to match depending on your personal color preferences.

Final Thoughts

The trucker hat is one of the most recognizable and enduring styles of hats available. Easy to wear, unpretentious, and able to be customized in nearly any way you can think of truck hats can be worn in an assortment of situations and activities.

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