Undoubtedly, Twitter is one of the world’s most powerful social networks. Over the years, it has maintained an enviable stance as numerous people gravitate towards it for marketing their brands, advertising their products and attracting followers in varying areas of interest.

Frankly, Twitter is useful not only for keeping oneself abreast with latest trends but also for establishing huge online following and making money in the long run. If you have ever imagined the possibility of making money with a Twitter account, rest assured that this very article will show you the top 5 ad networks for monetizing a Twitter account.

Top 5 Ad Networks That Help You Make Money with Your Twitter Account




This ad platform is quite versatile as it supports various social media networks (including YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr). While MyLikes is further supported on any blog, you can use it in monetizing your Twitter account by selecting your preferred ads from a huge population of advertisers. With this monetization technique, you can expect to get paid $0.42 for each click your ad attracts. Notably, you can choose to be paid on a weekly basis and you’re also free to decide the time each selected ad gets tweeted from your Twitter account.

Rev Twt

This is another ad service with which you can make money from your Twitter account. As a pay-per-click ad service, Rev Twt pays you a certain amount for each click your tweeted ad generates. Notably, your chances of getting linked to higher-paying campaigns depend on the number of followers as well as the reputation your Twitter account has garnered. To process a payout with Rev Twt, you’re expected to have earned at least $20 while PayPal is the supported payment medium.

Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is one of the prettiest ways you can make money with your Twitter account. But before you’re eligible to sign up for it, your Twitter account must have been in existence for at least 60 days with the minimum of 100 tweets and at least 50 followers. Unlike most other Twitter-specific ad services, Sponsored Tweets lets you decide your price per click on the ads you send out. Notably, the ad service avails you the chance of selecting your preferences from a stockpile of constantly updated ads.


Twittad, which is one of the trailblazers among sponsored-tweet services, works in such a way that you’ll specify your niche to make it easy for advertisers to tailor their products to you. Most importantly, Twittad permits you to decide your price per click although it is incumbent on you to await advertisers’ acceptance of your bids. Before you can process a payout with Twittad, you’re expected to have earned at least $30. While PayPal happens to be the payment medium supported on Twittad, it’s highly reckonable that Twittad is one of the safest services that help you make money with your Twitter account. works in a quite different style since it isn’t a pay-per-click service. Basically, the ad service guarantees Twitter users the ease of creating profiles of their interests. For such Twitter users to monetize their accounts, advertisers will have to consider the accounts for campaign publicity. If luckily an advertiser chooses to publicize their ad campaign via your account, you’ll then negotiate with them on a particular number of tweets (to reel out) in a given schedule. In return for your service, the advertiser pays you a considerable amount of money.


Making money with your Twitter account is very possible but if you’re hell bent on making success with some or all of the ad networks discussed in this article, your Twitter account must have amassed huge following as well as an excellent reputation.

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