UNICAL cut off mark 2022/2023 for all courses: Are you looking for the official UNICAL JAMB cut off mark for 2022/2023 and the departmental cut off mark? Then, this article will cover everything you have been searching for.

UNICAL cut off mark 2020/2021 jamb and departmental

The management of The University of Calabar (UNICAL) has released the JAMB cut off mark for the 2022/2023 admission exercise.

UNICAL JAMB cut off mark for 2022/2023 is 150. This is according to the school official website – www.unical.edu.ng

But, wait!

There is a lot more you need to know about UNICAL cut off mark 2022.

UNICAL Admission Cut Off Marks 2020/2021

This article will discuss everything including:

  • University Of Calabar JAMB cut off mark 2022/2023
  • How to calculate UNICAL aggregate score
  • University Of Calabar departmental cut off mark 2022/2023 e.t.c

No time to waste, let’s get started.

UNICAL Cut Off Mark 2022/2023

Just like I have mentioned earlier, the official JAMB cut off mark for UNICAL 2019 is 150 This means that you need to score a minimum of 150 in JAMB 2019 before you can apply for any course in UNICAL.

Can I apply to study in UNICAL with score below 150?

The answer is simply NO. You need to meet the minimum JAMB UTME requirements set by the school management to study in UNICAL.

How To Calculate UNICAL Aggregate Score

Since the introduction of JAMB CAPS, every school is required to make JAMB score weigh at least 50% of the total aggregate score of their candidates.

The University of Calabar has employed a 50:50 JAMB and Post UTME system in its aggregate system.

JAMB carries 50% and Post UTME carries 50% too. UNICAL does not use Olevel as part of their aggregate.

So, whether you have 9 A’s or 9 C’s, UNICAL is not concerned. All that matters are your JAMB and Post UTME score.

See the steps to calculate UNICAL cut off mark aggregate score below:

  1. Divide your JAMB score (out of 400) by 8
  2. Divide your Post UTME score (out of 100) by 2
  3. Add up the results in 1 and 2 below
  4. That is your aggregate score

For example

If you score 320 in JAMB and 76 in Post UTME, your aggregate score is:

  1. 320/8 = 40
  2. 76/2 = 38
  3. TOTAL AGGREGARE SCORE = 40 + 38 = 78

Now, let’s move to the final part.

UNICAL Departmental Cut Off Marks 2022/2023

The management of The University of Calabar has not released the departmental cut off marks for 2022/2023. When it is out, it will be released on the school official website www.unical.edu.ng and updated on this blog.

So, discard any information stating that the departmental cut off marks for 2022/2023 has been released. Most of them are announcing 2020 cut off marks.

As a matter of fact, it will not be released until after the Post UTME exercise is completed as the departmental cut off marks are determined by the performance of candidates by candidates from each department.


UNICAL JAMB Cut Off Mark 2022/2023 FAQS

1. I scored 150 but was not admitted

Does scoring 150 and above guarantee admission into The University of Calabar? The answer is NO.

Scoring 150 is the minimum UTME requirement and you require more than that to gain admission into UNICAL.

In fact, some competitive courses require that you score far more than 150 in UTME.

2. How Do I Gain Admission Into UNICAL

In order to gain admission to study any course in UNICAL, you have to meet the departmental requirement i.e you have to meet the departmental cut off mark released.

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  1. I scored 166 pls will I be given the chance to seat for post UTME exam 4 me 2 gain admission to UNICAL

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  3. hello pls i scored 177 in jamb please i applied for radiography pls cn i do change of cource before picki aptitude form please?

  4. Hi am Sharon segun I want Medical lab science am having 160 what’s the requirements for the course apart from my jamb results

  5. Hello
    I scored 167 in jamb not up to what I want to study,
    an art student ,is there any nice course that I can gain admission

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