Updated on: August 19, 2019 | Initially Posted on: July 5, 2017Over the past few months, Facebook have made it more thorough for users to access or modify the settings of their account by simplifying the UX and re-arranging the menus under “Settings and Privacy” on its mobile platform. We have made some amendment to this post to reflect the new changes made on m.facebook.com when using Opera Mini, UC Mini, or other mobile browsers to access the “Settings and Privacy” page.

Earlier this month, we shared how twitter users can revoke or remove apps they have given permission to access their account without using a PC. Today, we are moving forward to another widely used social network, Facebook. In this short but precise tutorial, Facebook users will learn how they can remove apps connected to their account using Opera Mini, UC Mini or other installed browsers on their mobile phone. But why would you want to remove certain permissions?

Much like Twitter, Facebook permit website and app owners to use its API for quick login and sign up purpose which is now becoming a standard procedure on the world wide web. This lessen the stress of using a registration form or manually entering  login details before having access to full features and functionality of a given website or app, depending on the configurations.

You would have noticed that some of the websites you visit are asking you to “login with facebook” or “sign up with facebook”, pressing this button directly leads the site visitor to his/her facebook account where (s)he will be asked to grant the app/website permission to access his/her profile details and other data. Granting the permission directly synchronize the user facebook data to the website server through a secure channel, where it will be used as a means of authentication.

Some people do not really care about the dangers involved as long as they can be in quick, fast, and are out in no time. Moreover, only few people take caution of reading the permissions a site or an app is asking before granting it access. The main danger involved is that your personal data is no longer personal as it has now been shared to other “external” bodies. The question is, do you trust these “third-parties” with your personal information?

When filling a registration form, you still have the option to insert whatever details you like, but this is not the case with Facebook authorization. Signing up with Facebook may be the “only option” provided on a gambling site for registering users, but it will be unwise or rather foolish not to revoke the access after the registration is complete.

Before now, removing or revoking apps on Facebook can only be done on PC, but not anymore. “Light” mobile browsers running on Android, iOS, or BlackBerry can do the job. Follow the steps below to learn how.

In our own case, we used UC Mini. It can be download from here. You can download Opera Mini from here. Same procedure applied to both and other phone browser as long as you are accessing facebook through the URL in step 1.

Facebook timeline

Step 1

Using your phone browser, go to https://m.facebook.com and enter your login details. You will be led to your timeline, scroll to the bottom and you should see what looks like the image above. Click on “Settings & Privacy”.

Settings and privacy

Step 2

In the window that appears, select “Apps and Websites”.

Apps and websites

Step 3

Click on “Logged in with Facebook” among the list of options.

Active tab

Step 4

There are three tabs under this setting. The first tab is “Active”, the second “Expired”, and the third “Removed”. The Active tab list all the apps and websites that are presently connected to your Facebook account. You can remove app or sites you do not trust under this tab.

Expired tab

Step 5

The “Expired” tab shows the apps and websites that are previously connected to your Facebook account but do no longer have access. You can chose to remove these apps or sites if you no longer use them. You can make them active by going to the apps or website page and re-establish the connection by signing in using your Facebook account

Removed app

Step 6

This tab shows the apps and websites that have been disconnected from your account and the dates they were removed. Apps or websites you disconnected in the “Active” tab or remove from the “Removed” tab will be listed here.

Hope we’ve helped. Are you having problem removing an app? Let us know via comment.

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