Use android as mouse to control windows 10 PC

The advancement in technology can be deeply felt in today’s smartphone, enabling us to do much more than we can ever dream of. Today’s smartphone are not only smarter, but they are also more flexible to use because they are compact thereby they can be carry around and use anywhere. One of the things you will be learning to do with your Android phone today is how you can use it as a mouse to remotely control your Windows 10 PC. Sounds cool right?

Android has become the goto for most smartphone buyers because of hundreds of thousands of apps that are readily available for use for free. The possibility of using Android in diverse ways are endless. While it is not a new thing to use Android to control household electronic appliances such as TV and Home Theater System via Infra-red sensor, using it as a laptop trackpad or a desktop mouse is but one of the cool things you can use it for.

If your Windows 10 laptop trackpad stop working or your desktop optical mouse got damaged, you can use your Android phone screen as a trackpad to control your PC, at least till you fix it or buy a new one. It really helped in those annoying situations we often find ourselves with our gadgets – having a temporary substitute can be really helpful sometimes.

The software that will enable you to do this is called Remote Mouse. It is an application you will find most interesting if you relied on your Android phone to do a lot of things in the house. What it does is to turn your Android phone into a wireless mouse. It turns the phone screen into a trackpad that you can use to remotely control your Windows 10 laptop or desktop, if you have one.

Remote mouse android
Remote Mouse (Android)

Remote mouse windows 10
Remote Mouse (Windows)

The software use the WiFi Hotspot feature of your phone to do this of course. All you need to do is install it on your laptop and on your phone. You will need to download the software below:

Install the first one to your Android phone and the second one to your Windows 10 PC. Learn how to use it by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the “Remote Mouse” you install on your Windows 10 PC and minimize it to the taskbar
  2. Turn on your phone WiFi Hotspot (Mobile Hotspot)
  3. Turn on your computer WiFi and pair it with your phone WiFi Hotspot
  4. Now, open the “Remote Mouse” on your Android phone
  5. You’ll see the name and the IP address of your Windows 10 PC
  6. Tap on the name and IP address to login
  7. Done

After these you will have full access to use your Android screen as your laptop trackpad. Swipe your finger across your phone screen to move the cursor on your PC. There are left-click, middle-click, and right-click buttons at the bottom of the trackpad, so you can do things you normally do with your mouse. You can pan, zoom, tap, and double-tap the trackpad for special function, that is if your PC support them.

More features can be enabled under settings, but you will need to purchase some before you can use them. If you find this post helpful, please don’t forget to share.

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