Are you interested in BTC business? Would you like to have a reliable source of earning BTC?

Well, Vrend is likely a nice option you shouldn’t shy away from if you’ve got a positive answer to the questions above.

Basically, Vrend is an online marketing avenue which pays its registered members from the revenue earned through their online sessions. In a broader term, Vrend is a Nigerian-owned marketing system which pays registered members for generating referrals and for the time they spend surfing the online platform.

In this article, you’ll find out everything that you should know about Vrend including how you can easily become a Vrend member.

Is Vrend Legit?

Of course, this is one of the questions on the lips of some people who are just getting to know what Vrend is all about or how it works. Frankly, Vrend is a Nigerian-owned online marketing platform. Although quite a few people may have had worrisome experiences with specific Nigerian scam websites, Vrend is not far from legit and the platform offers a simple user interface to ensure members don’t get confused about how it works.

If your mind is still filled with doubt about Vrend’s legit status, it’s important you note that Vrend is a sustainable online network concerned with marketing and whose aim is to assist people in generating the required capital for business or personal purpose. With Vrend, you can cash in on your prolonged usage of the Internet to establish a source of residual income for yourself.

Exciting Things to Know about Vrend

Vrend earns through the online presence of its registered members but interestingly, the marketing platform shelves out funds from this revenue in order to pay its registered members. This exciting way of rewarding registered Vrend comes as “spillover bonuses”. Frankly, the latter is just a tip of the iceberg as regards the multiple exciting benefits associated with Vrend membership. Below are some of the other exciting things about Vrend:

  1. It isn’t mandatory for registered Vrend members to have referrals before they can earn. This means there are loads of spillovers which Vrend members can enjoy from their downlines and uplines.
  2. Vrend doesn’t maintain a fixed payment period; in all sincerity, Vrenda members are allowed to make withdrawals whenever it pleases them. Also, payments on Vrend barely get delayed.
  3. Vrend doesn’t require its members to complete any task (such as an online survey) before they can earn money
  4. Vrend prides on its status as a simplified online paying platform that boasts a user-friendly interface
  5. People who became members by registering with Vrend’s admin team are very likely to enjoy (optional) spillover donation from uplines on a daily basis
  6. The Vrend site offers basic spillovers every two days
  7. Vrend members can complete their withdrawals within 24 hours. This means that if you initiate a withdrawal on Vrend now, you should get credited within the next 24 hours
  8. Vrend doesn’t restrict you to a specific withdrawal limit. Also, you can withdraw on any day and the platform supports two withdrawal destinations: a BTC wallet and a local bank account


How to Earn Money on Vrend

As noted earlier, earning on Vrend comes in three ways: spillovers, donations from uplines, and direct referrals. In a nutshell, you’re certain to earn on Vrend if you’re able to make good use of any of the three listed earning methods.

If you’ll be earning through referrals, Vrend will reward you with 0.0002359 BTC (alternatively #1,200) for each person you refer to the platform. Considering that there’s no limit to the number of persons you can refer daily, you’re pretty sure of earning as much as #24,000 for a total of 20 referrals.

As per earning by spillovers (i.e., without using referrals), Vrend rewards you with 0.000023 BTC for each spillover you get. For spillovers on Vrend, you can have the minimum of 1 to 10 times daily. In other words, you’re at liberty of earning a spillover bonus 10 times each day.

The third way people earn on Vrend is via direct donations from uplines. This earning method works for anyone lucky to reap from the cheerful dispositions of Vrend members who’re satisfied with giving out some portions of their earnings.


Fund Withdrawal on Vrend


As implied earlier, withdrawing funds from your Vrend account is damn easy and can be done on any day. Whether you prefer to withdraw into your BTC wallet or your bank account, follow the steps below to initiate a withdrawal on Vrend:

  • Explore the dashboard of your Vrend account
  • Click the option specialized for withdrawal
  • Supply your details (as required for withdrawing into your BTC wallet or bank account)
  • Having followed the instructions above, you can expect to get credited within 24 hours.

Vrend Registration Process

Registration on Vrend is simple and can be completed in no time provided that you have all the registration requirements in place. Notably, you’ll need to provide your BTC wallet address or your bank account details during registration. Importantly, Vrend requires you to buy a coupon code which is the requisite for account activation. You may follow the instructions below to get registered with Vrend:

  • Get in touch with a coupon merchant –you may contact this number +2348162534441
  • Make a payment of #2,500 (equivalent to 0.000472 BTC) for the registration
  • With that done, you’ll be supplied with the coupon code you need for account activation
  • Subsequently, copy this link
  • Open any reliable browser on your phone and paste the copied link in the address bar
  • On the page that appears after entering the link, input the coupon code (you were supplied) in the appropriate field
  • Input your details as required
  • With the above done, you can rest assured of account activation



We believe this review article has shed enough light on Vrend and cleared any doubt you’re having about its legit status. Although we’ve emphasized that Vrend is legit, this doesn’t in any way translate into the impression that we’re writing in favour of Vrend. Instead, we only hope that the information in this article mirrors the fact that Vrend is one of the trusted Nigerian online platforms that you can resort to for residual income.

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