Vrend Review: Read This Before Joining Vrend BTC

So they told us, we all missed opportunities on laying hands on Bitcoin when it first came out.

What if I told you that Vrend.ng was initiated to help you earn BTC in massive.


It was designed in a way that allows both the members and owners of the site to earn massively and was mostly built In consideration of those who are not able to fetch Referrals.

The question should be,

how will a site be paying me without Referrals?

Well, Vrend is the Marketing system, and the profits it gets from it daily registered members are not just taken directly to the admin’s purse, part of this is being kept Aside to pay member this comes as spillover bonuses.

So, in this Vrend review I am going to show you everything you need to know about in the following sub-headlines.

What is Vrend.ng

Vrend.ng is a sustainable marketing platform that aims to help people to raise capital for personal use or any business of their choice. Vrend provide people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn it into a stream of income.

Features of Vrend.ng

  • Swift payment. No need to wait until the end of the month. You can request for withdrawal anytime, any day.
  • No special task involved: you need not to complete a level or a task before you get paid.
  • Massive spillovers: enjoy massive spillovers from your uplines and downlines even if you don’t refer.

How does vrend works?

Just take a moment to watch this ex-plainer video on how Vrends is set to operate and compensate it members.

There are generally 3 ways on earning on the site. No.3 is optional. (Based on upline) You earn in 3 major ways

  • Referring: i.e when you invite someone to join using your link
  • Spillover from the site(once in 2 days)
  • spillover donation from upline(optional, but since you’re registering with the admin team, it’s very certain, you get it daily)

It’s the most simplified online paying platform ever.

With a well understandable interface that allows members to smoothly get engaged in the system with little or no stress.

Is Vrend A scam ?

Vrend is not a scam. Hence vrend is legit

5 Awesome Facts about Vrend

  • There are no withdrawal limits
  • No withdrawal day
  • Any amount at any time can be withdrawn  and
  • There are two means of withdrawals. Either directly to your local bank accounts or a BTC wallet
  • Withdrawals take less than a day to be sent.

How to  Register on Vrend

Vrend is not a smart contract business where every activity is automated. To register on Vrend you need to purchase a coupon code of which you need to activate your account.


  • A smartphone or PC
  • Access to the internet
  • Bank account or BTC wallet address to withdraw your earnings.

Registration Process:

  • Contact a coupon vendor (you can contact ccnworldtech admin on WhatsApp {08162534441),
  • Pay the registration fee (0.000472 BTC) that’s about N2,500 as of when  I was writing this guide.
  • You will be issued a coupon code to activate your account.

How to earn on vrend.ng  

If you check the subheading on (how does vrend works) you discover that you can earn in vrend in 3 ways?

From direct referrals, from spillovers, from donations from uplines.

You get credited with 0.0002359 BTC and that about N1,200 per referral and let assume in a day you were able to recruit 10 people to vrend, that is gonna be N1,200 X 5 = N6000.

And remember that on vrend there’s no withdrawal day or withdrawal limit i.e you can withdraw your earnings anytime, any amount either in the form of BTC or in Naira in your local bank account.

Also, you can earn on vrend even without referrals (spillover) a value of 0.000023 BTC for each. Minimum of 1 to 10 times a day. Which means, you can have a spillover bonus of 10X daily.

Lastly, you can also earn on vrend through direct donations from your uplines. There are still kind-hearted people who are willing to do a giveaway from their earnings.

How to Register on Vrend

To register on Vrend you will need a coupon code, Chat me on whatsapp here to get a coupon code cost N2, 500.

After you have gotten a coupon code, click or copy and paste this link https://vrend.ng/reg/?wwref=6058 on your browser and it will load a page like the one displayed below.

vrend review

Put in the coupon code you are issued, and then fill the form with your original details and then submit, and your account will be activated.

Below is a screenshot of how the vrend dashboard is after registration

Also, below is how the spillover earnings of vrend works i.e earning frequently without actually referring anyone to vrend.ng. So, that one of the good part of joining vrend.


Although, that is small money but then, with time it will appreciate and reap residual income since it goes on and on for as long as vrend exists.

How to withdraw on Vrend

You can withdraw straight to your bank account or to your BTC wallet. It quite simply, go to your dashboard and apply for withdrawal, inputting the details for withdrawing into your bank account or BTC wallet. And within this period it takes 24 to 48 hours (at max) for your earnings to be paid.

withdrawal of earnings on vrend
withdrawal of earnings on vrend, confirmed in less than 2 hours on Binance wallet

How to withdraw your earnings on vrend


Vrend is a new platform that focuses on assisting individuals to raise capital and as well have a PLAN B. A platform owned and developed by a Nigeria and at the moment of writing this they are delivering a good job for the masses. We hope they stay for a long since their idea is genuine

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