WAEC Expo 2022/2023 On Geography – Get WAEC Geography Questions And Answers 2022 | Theory, OBJ & Test Of Oral

WAEC expo 2020 on geography and waec geography questions and answers

This article will show you the real Geography expo you need to pass WAEC Geography in 2022. I am going to show you the most repeated questions and answers you need.

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A lot of prospective candidates have been asking questions like, “how can I get WAEC expo in 2022 and receive Geography questions and answers before my exam?.

I am going to show you the truth behind the whole WAEC expo story in this article. No time to waste, let’s get started.

WAEC Expo On Geography 2022/2023 – How To Get Questions And Answers

1. The first thing you need to know is that you can totally pass WAEC examination without expo/runs. What you need is to work hard and study the right way. In fact, WAEC is not hard at all.

2. Here, we do NOT advertise WAEC expo to candidates and we will NEVER ask you to pay for WAEC expo for any reason.

3. I REPEAT, we do not engage in examination malpractice here and we will never ask you for money to get WAEC questions and answers in 2022.

4. Most people that promise to give you WAEC questions and answers for a fee are scammers. They are after your money.

5. If you get WAEC expo to pass in 2022, you will NEVER find expo for JAMB and Post UTME.

NOTE: You will get everything you need to pass your WAEC in 2022 here on this page, so keep reading.

Topics Where WAEC Geography Questions 2022 Will Come Out From

  1. Maps
  2. Scale and Measurement
  3. Map reading and interpretation
  4. The earth as a planet
  5. Denudation
  6. Water bodies
  7. Weather and climate
  8. Vegetation
  9. Soils
  10. Environment resources
  11. Environment hazard
  12. Environment conservation
  13. Population
  14. ECOWAS
  15. Human geography

Likely Questions In WAEC Geography 2022/2023

1. Which if the following minerals is most likely to be absent in a region consisting mainly of igneous and metamorphic rocks?
  • A. Gold
  • B. Coat
  • C. Tin
  • D. Copper
  • E. Diamond
2. The presence of gorges in the upper section of rivers is due to the fact that?
  • A. the rocks in the upper course are less resistant
  • B. the volume of the river is small
  • C. hanging valleys join the main valley as waterfalls to cause the gorges
  • D. the upper course has has a steep gradient
  • E. the water contains chemicals which dissolve the rocks
3. Isothermal maps give information about?
  • A. pressure
  • B. temperature
  • C. wind
  • D. rainfall
  • E. sunshine
4. The instrument used for recording the direction of the prevailing wind of a place over a period of one month is called?
  • A. a wind vane
  • B. an anemometer
  • C. speedomoter
  • D. a wind rose
  • E. a hygrometer
5. A rain gauge is kept in an open place in the observatory because?
  • A. it is much more easily accessible to the observer
  • B. rain drops get into the funnel without any obstruction
  • C. rain falls heavily in the open space
  • D. rain drops are deflected by the wind in an open place
  • E. the funnel is easily filled with rain water

If you can study your textbooks very well, use the WAEC syllabus and cover all topics you need to, you will definitely SMASH WAEC 2020 ONCE AND FOR ALL.


WAEC Geography Examination Scheme

There will be three papers, Papers 1, 2 and 3 all of which must be taken. Papers 1 and 2 will be a composite paper to be taken at one sitting.

PAPER 1: will consist of fifty objective questions to be taken in 1 hour for 50 marks. The questions will be drawn from topics in the syllabus that are common to all the member countries. Candidates will be required to attempt all the questions.

PAPER 2: will contain nine essay-type questions out of which candidates will be required to answer four in 2 hours for 80 marks.

PAPER 3: Element of Practical and Physical Geography. Will consist of eight essay-type questions out of which candidates are to answer four in 1 hour 50 minutes for 70 marks. Question 1, on map reading and interpretation, will be compulsory for all candidates and will carry 25 marks while the other questions will carry 15 marks each.

Candidates are advised not to spend more than 35 minutes on Question 1. Candidates will be expected to bring graduated rulers (both metric and imperial), a complete mathematical set, a piece of string and a simple non-programmable calculator for use during the writing of the paper.

Recommended Textbooks For WAEC Geography 2022

  • Adeleke, B.O. Areola .O. 2002 and Leong, G.C. Certificate Physical and Human Geography for Senior Secondary School (West African Edition), Ibadan: Oxford.
  • Bradshaw, M. et al (2004) Contemporary World Regional Geography, New York: McGraw Hill
  • Bunet, R.B and Okunrotifa, P.O.(1999) General Geography in Diagrams for West Africa, China: Longman.
  • Collins New Secondary Atlas, Macmillan
  • Fellman, D. et al (2005) Introduction to Geography (Seventh Edition) New York: McGraw Hill
  • Getis, A. et al (2004) Introduction to Geography (Ninth Edition) New York: McGraw Hill
  • Iloeje, N. P(1999) A New Geography of West Africa, Hong Kong: Longman
  • Iloeje, N.P(1982) A New Geography of Nigeria (New Education), Hong Kong: London
  • Nimako, D.A. (2000) Map Reading of West Africa, Essex: Longman.
  • Okunrotifa, P.O. and Michael S. (2000) A Regional Geography of Africa (New Edition), Essex: London.
  • Udo, R.K(1970) Geographical Regions of Nigeria, London: Longman.
  • Waugh, D. (1995) Geography an Integrated Approach (Second Edition), China: Nelson
  • Wisdomline Pass at Once JAMB.
  • Adegoke M.A (2013), A Comprehensive Text on Physical, Human and Regional Geography.

WAEC 2020 Examination Instructions

  1. Do not open your question paper until you are told to do so
  2. USE HB pencil throughout in the OBJ Section
  3. You are free to use Biro in the theory part
  4. You are allowed to use calculator to solve
  5. Make sure that you fill your name, Subject, paper, paper code and other examination details where necessary.
  6. Ensure that the texts in your question papers are boldly printed
  7. Behave yourself.
  8. You must not be caught with any form of expo

WAEC 2022 Subjects To Pass

  1. Mathematics
  2. Geography
  3. Agricultural science
  4. Animal Husbandry
  5. Biology
  6. Book keeping
  7. Chemistry
  8. Christian Religious Studies (CRS)
  9. Civic Education
  10. Commerce
  11. Computer Studies
  12. Data Processing
  13. English language
  14. Economics
  15. Financial Accounting
  16. Fisheries
  17. Further Geography
  18. Geography
  19. Government
  20. History
  21. Islamic Religious Studies (IRS)
  22. Literature in Geography
  23. Marketing
  24. Physics
  25. Yoruba


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