Wapmon is an online platform which serves the two major purposes of downloading and converting videos. On one hand, the platform is available to anyone who wishes to download movies, music videos and other videos cutting across comedy, action, horror, etc., and on the other hand, it helps you convert your preferred videos (such as music videos) into audios.

While Wapmon may be used on both PCs and mobile phones, it’s notable that it has become one of the most used sites for the download of YouTube videos. Needless to say, Wapmon has got the videos you could be looking for on YouTube and the site guarantees the smooth download of such videos.

In this post, you’ll find out more Wapmon (also regarded as the Wapmon YouTube downloader), how to use the site, certain  reliable youtube affiliate marketing strategies, and the easy steps for downloading its videos.

Creating an Account on Wapmon

Wapmon lets you create a user account by following a few registration steps. The site doesn’t make it compulsory for users to sign up before they can download its videos but it’s suggested that a new user, who expects optimum access to the site, should have an account. Also, one great advantage of having an account is that you’ll be able to hold a Wapmon profile, track the profile and enjoy full access to notifications and trends.

Follow the steps below to create a Wapmon account:

  • Tap here to visit the official website of Wapmon
  • On the site’s homepage, locate the sign-up option and then tap the register now icon
  • On the emerging registration page, fill your details (password, username and email address) in their respective fields
  • Tap the sign up icon to authenticate the registration

Signing in to Your Wapmon Account

In the instance that you already have a Wapmon account, you only need to sign into the account so as to monitor your profile and enjoy full access to the site’s array of limitless videos.

Tap here to access the Wapmon homepage. Locate the login icon and on the login page, provide your details (username and password) as requested. Tap the login button to complete the sign-in attempt.

Converting Wapmon Videos

Wapmon is more than a website for downloading those exciting videos you once saw on Vimeo or YouTube. In reality, the site further allows you to convert your videos into Mp3. You may want to enjoy your YouTube music video only as an audio and in that case, Wapmon has got to serve you in the best capacity.

Notably, Wapmon’s video conversion is done online and the site avails you the chance of three Mp3 formats namely High Speed, Mp3 128kbit/s and High Quality. Also noteworthy is that no dime, fee, subscription or payment is required to convert your chosen Wapmon video into an audio file.

Downloading Videos from Wapmon

Wapmon is tagged a YouTube downloader simply because many people have succeeded in using it in place of YouTube. If you’re fed up with the usual YouTube app probably because it doesn’t allow you to save your downloaded videos in your phone’s storage, you may consider Wapmon.

Follow the steps below to download Wapmon videos:

  • Visit the website through the link wapmon.com
  • Switch to the search box you see on the site’s homepage
  • Type the name of the video you wish to download –it could be a YouTube video or one from a different video platform
  • Choose the video from the emerging list of search results
  • Make your preference of video format and hit the provided download button


We hope this review of Wapmon has given enough information about Wapmon especially with regard to how you can get to enjoy all of the site’s benefits. Again, the emphasis on creating a Wapmon account doesn’t mean it’s compulsory to have an account but for you to have unrestricted access and an amazing experience, you had best attempt the sign-up process explained earlier.

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