Registration is the first serious procedure that awaits each new client of a betting company. As a rule, the process itself is quite simple and intuitive, but beginners have a certain trepidation and fear of making an inaccuracy or mistake. Therefore, most bettors from Uzbekistan are looking for Mostbet UZ kirish.

We decided to make life easier for such people and collected all the information about registering with Mostbet Uzbekistan in one place. In this article, we will talk in detail about each of the available ways to create an account.

Registration by phone

This option is the most familiar and traditional. Even if a person has never dealt with bookmakers, he probably registered on various Internet platforms. As a rule, such a procedure is always tied to a phone number.

To register with Mostbet using your mobile number, do the following:

  1. Visit the official website of the company.
  2. Use the special button to start registration.
  3. Specify your number, after selecting the country code (for Uzbekistan it is +998).
  4. Select the currency of the game account (among the options there are sums).
  5. Select the type of welcome bonus.
  6. Confirm your agreement with the rules of the site.
  7. Click “Register”.

Also on the registration page there is a field for entering a promotional code that you can use.

Registration by e-mail

Another fairly popular registration method. Here the basic and fundamental element is the email address. The general algorithm for creating an account is quite similar to the last paragraph, only here, instead of one field with a phone number, three new ones are added at once:

  • Country selection. If the country of residence of the player is determined automatically by the telephone code, then here it must be specified separately manually;
  • E-mail. Direct email address;
  • Password. A combination of characters that will be used later for authorization.

One important point: the system will allow you to register even if instead of a real e-mail, the user enters a fictitious address or even just a set of characters. But in the future, the mail will need to be confirmed to verify the account, and problems may arise here. Therefore, we recommend that you enter the correct data and check it before confirming the registration.

Registration via social network

But this method can be called, to a certain extent, innovative in the betting field. It allows you to create an account in BC Mostbet through an active profile in one of the social networks or instant messengers. This will require:

  • Select the appropriate tab on the registration page.
  • Choose a currency, enter a promotional code (if any) and confirm your agreement with the rules.
  • Click on the logo of the desired service (Facebook, Google+, VK, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Steam, Telegram).
  • Log in to the system and give permission to use personal data.

This will complete the registration successfully. Moreover, the system will even copy some personal data to a personal profile, which will simplify further verification.

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