Gift card trading is a proven way to make loads of cash by trading in items (gift cards) that some retail store customers barely use. Of course, you should be interested in learning that every year, more than $1 billion worth of gift cards get wasted.

The reason for that isn’t far-fetched as it is common knowledge that rather than trade their gift cards for cash, some retail store customers let them waste away.

What then is a gift card?

A gift card is a kind of card commonly issued by retail stores to serve as a form of gift. Basically, the gift card issued by a particular store can stand in place of physical money for a customer to purchase item(s) from that store.

Gift cards are generally admired for their monetary value and more often than not, retail stores issue these cards as a strategy for keeping customers.

What Are the 10 Best Platforms to Trade Gift Cards in Nigeria?



Transparency is one of the hallmarks of credible business relations and in all sincerity, LegitCards lives up to its claim of being transparent. First of all, the platform doesn’t bombard you with underlying fees. LegitCards rather pays you a naira amount fully equivalent to the rate at which you’re selling your gift card.

LegitCards is one of the trusted platforms for gift card trading and prettily, some traders have regarded it as the platform with the best market rates in Nigeria. One of the perks of LegitCards is that traders using the platform no longer have to deal with any sign-up modalities while attempting to convert their gift cards into cash. It is damn convenient to trade your gift cards, Greendot funds and even Bitcoin on LegitCards.



Cardtonic is one of the highly reputed platforms for Nigerians to trade in gift cards and cryptocurrencies. The platform meets all the expectations you may require of it in terms of trustworthiness and reliability. In fact, it is suitable for trading in the gift cards of various popular gift card issuers including Walmart, Amazon, Google Play, Steam Wallet, Nintendo and iTunes.

One of the perks about Cardtonic is its responsive and user-oriented mobile application. All users will find it convenient to use the mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms. Presumably, Cardtonic’s mobile app is the ideal alternative for gift card traders who just don’t fancy web-based trading platforms.

Cardtonic lays claim to having the fastest payout among the online platforms for gift card trading in Nigeria. Also in terms of security, Cardtonic users are guaranteed zero likelihood of gift card scams, thanks to the platform’s double encryption.


Have you got a couple of Amazon gift cards that you’re willing to sell?

Well, Reddit is clearly one of the go-to platforms for converting those gift cards into cash. With Reddit being an umbrella platform with myriads of subreddits, it isn’t any surprising that Reddit has a pretty number of subreddits for gift card exchange purposes.

You probably already know Reddit as a widely admired social media platform. Whether you’d believe it or not, Reddit offers beyond this social appeal as it is a pleasant and reliable avenue for gift card trading.

Selling on Reddit doesn’t cost you a dime and if you ever doubt the sincerity of a prospective gift card buyer, you’re free to contact subreddit moderators and have them scrutinize the buyer before you eventually trade with them.



Raise is an ideal place for trading in Amazon gift cards. The gift card trading platform offers as high as a 1% discount on Amazon gift cards.

Raise lets you trade in the gift cards of some other popular retail stores. The platform enables you to easily verify a gift card by simply supplying the serial number of the gift card.



Prestmit is a gift card trading website that combines excellent offerings such as attractive rates, extended gift card support and easy-to-use layout. To cap these excellent offerings, Prestmit boasts an always-responsive customer support service.

Prestmit is a Nigerian-designed gift card trading platform with over 20 different kinds of gift cards in Nigeria. The platform is well suited for users on different devices including PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

Hassle-free trading is guaranteed for anyone willing to sell or buy gift cards on Prestmit, hence making Prestmit one of the most reliable places for gift card trading in Nigeria. Prestmit also guarantees quick payment as you can get credited with cash for your sold gift cards within five minutes.


Gift Card Zen

This platform is now more commonly recognized for its partnership with Retailmenot. But beyond that, Gift Card Zen is another reliable site for trading in gift cards.

It is a verified place well known for its sale of Amazon gift cards. If you’re lucky enough to shoot your shot when gift cards are needed, you could end up selling your cards on this site.


Gift card Bin

This gift card trading site constitutes the reliable places for trading gift cards in Nigeria. However, some gift card traders in Nigeria may not find it as fascinating compared to some of the gift card trading websites mentioned earlier.

The site has the exciting perk of combining online and offline sales. If you’re going the online route, you may have to wait for a period between three and 10 days before getting paid for the gift card sold.

However, the offline sales route allows you to get paid instantly at a physical outlet. As a trader willing to try Gift card Bin, it’s in your best interest to decide which sales route is better for you.



CardCash is one of the distinguished places for online gift card trading in Nigeria. Interestingly, the gift card trading site is distinguished for its ability to help you swap one gift card for another. You might just feel like exchanging your gift card for the gift card of a different retail store.

You can as well leverage CardCash for converting your gift cards into cash. It should excite you that CardCash might be your best bet for achieving as high as an 11% increase in earnings. Specifically, it’s a great place for trading in Amazon gift cards in Nigeria.



Cashcrate allows for convenient trading of gift cards just as it removes the need for mailing your gift card to the buyer waiting to have it. What Cashcrate does instead is helping you dispatch the codes of your gift cards electronically. This way, it is a lot easy for you to give up your Amazon gift card in Nigeria and quickly get rewarded with cash.

Once your gift card sale has been completely processed, you can expect to get paid within two days of completing the sale. One of the favourable sides of Cashcrate is that for every gift card that you sell via the site, you’re guaranteed as high as 92% of the card’s selling price.


Card Kangaroo

Card Kangaroo does have a processing centre to which you’ll have to mail whatever gift card you’re willing to sell via the platform.

After mailing your gift card to the platform’s processing centre, you may have to wait for five business days for the gift card to get to them. Card Kangaroo pays you via PayPal within a two-day period from the moment it receives your gift card.

While Card Kangaroo also supports the method of paying by check, the gift card trading site is one of the best marketplaces for trading or selling Amazon gift cards.



Just as it is with other online businesses, gift card trading comes with its negative sides. We advise that you acquaint yourself with an understanding of these cons (negative sides) so that you don’t end up getting victimized.

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