The role of human resource specialists has always been crucial for the development of each organization. These HR specialists usually wear different hats according to the departments’ needs. However, most of the time, they are responsible for proper communication inside and outside the organization, facilitating training, and obviously, hiring new workers.

When it comes to hiring new workers, there are certain things that HR specialists look for in the applicant’s resume. So, if you want to learn about those things, continue reading.

Relevant information

One of the most important factors that HRs consider is reading a relevant resume for the job. Many people tend to include some things that can not relate to the job they are applying for. By way of illustration, new graduate nurses examples of irrelevant information usually include listing their hobbies or some non-nursing activities. You should never forget that a resume is only about your professional qualities and skills in this kind of situation. Of course, you can also write down your soft skills, but nothing more.


Having a separate section about your background knowledge is one of the desired things of an HR specialist. This is because they will get a feeling of what you might know and whatnot. In this section, they wait for you to mention the school/university you graduate from, the major, and, if you are a new graduate, you can also include your GPA.


Do not forget to include the professional skills relevant to the job. As a pattern, as a nurse, you can state that you are good at patient care, observational skills, some technical skills, and soft skills that may contribute to a better job, such as problem-solving abilities or communication skills, etc.


In some cases, even if you have excellent skills and relevant educational background, it would be hard for the employees to hire you because of not having any experience. So, even if you have 1 month of working experience, do not forget to mention it as it will show that you have all the desirable qualifications and are competent enough.

You might need to include the organization’s name, your position, and the date of your work there.


Certificates are another essential document that most HRs look for, especially if the person does not have any work experience. These documents will prove that you have enough knowledge to get hired by that company.

Style and Format

Is it clear enough to read? Is the font size big enough? Is it easy to download? – These are some questions you need to keep in mind. Usually, choosing a handwriting font for the resume is not accepted because it may be hard to read, and the same is with the font size; 10-12 is the best size as it would make your resume neither too big nor too small. Contain only one type of font; if you want to highlight something, use the Bold or Italic version of the same font.

Also, be sure that your resume is formatted so that it would be easier for HR to download and read; otherwise, they will not even open it.

Spelling and Grammar

After getting done with your resume, go through it to check the spelling and grammar mistakes. A great resume with many mistakes will undoubtedly make HR believe that you are not attentive to details or are not literate enough.

Your resume is the first impression that HRs will have of you. This article summed up some of the most important things you need to include in your resume, including education, skills, experience, and certificates. Also, you will need to make sure that everything you have is relevant to the job, is clear to understand, and lacks spelling and grammar mistakes.

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