What To Look Out For In A Hotel.


We know that we have shown you exquisite hotels and very affordable hotels in a few parts of Nigeria. Now we would want to tell you something very important, we want to talk about what you should be looking out for in a hotel. No matter your price, you should always make sure that certain standards are met so that your stay and also your finances are worthwhile.

1. Cleanliness

Do not ever neglect this in a hotel. Especially in this pandemic, you need to carefully look after your health. Do not overlook hygiene. Try and make inquiries, you would be eating in that space, sleeping, and living there even if it is for one night! Make sure you make this your number one priority.

2. Hotel/Room Service.

Have you ever gone somewhere and the customer service is so bad? if you’re not a very patient person, you would want to look out for this. Ask the necessary questions and do your research. Everything looks good on the papers, but how good is their service? I also want to put this as a tip for hotels that get most of their customers from their websites, meet your customer’s expectations!

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3. Make sure what you see is what you get!

Finally, this is a very tricky situation! You look at a hotel, online or on a brochure, you see that the hotel looks beautiful, and comfortable and only to get there and see something completely different? This has happened to me a couple of times, and if you are not careful, you will fall victim. Please do your research, we have helped you name some hotels but still make further inquiries. Try to understand their services, and know what You are expecting.

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Now that we’ve spoken about this, I hope that you can use these steps? There are many more steps but these have been put down here for your good. If you see yourself in any tricky situation, never be scared to walk out. Always make sure you get your money’s worth. It’s very important! At NigeriaLoom, We look out for you!

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