How to Make Money with Your Whatsapp Account

WhatsApp may not need any introduction as the world’s biggest instant messaging app but in reality, it should be introduced to more people as a medium with a couple of monetization opportunities.

Majority of people know WhatsApp as a great app for instant messaging with friends, relatives and the likes but quite surprisingly, WhatsApp has pecked at a greater standard, making it one of the best social media platforms for making money.

You may have heard stories of people making money with their WhatsApp accounts. Whether you believe such stories or not, the actual reality is that some people have successfully established their WhatsApp accounts as income streams.

In this article, you’ll find out how you too can make money with your WhatsApp account.

Top 3 Ways People Are Making Money with WhatsApp

Working as an Affiliate

Operating as an affiliate marketer is a common way people monetize their connection with e-commerce sites. Basically, affiliate marketing entails marketing a product on behalf of a specific company and getting a certain commission in return. For each sale the company achieves on a product marketed through you, you’ll earn a certain fee.

To make money with WhatsApp via affiliate marketing, you first have to decide on the product to market. Subsequently, you’ll obtain the product’s affiliate URL which should be shared to your WhatsApp groups and contacts. The more people (in your WhatsApp groups or contacts) buy the product, the more you’re certain to earn a commission as an affiliate marketer. If you’re keen to occupy your hands with this monetization opportunity, you should consider Amazon or any of the other high-profile sites with affiliate marketing programmes.

Content Sharing

If you hold a huge number of WhatsApp contacts and happen to be a member of numerous active WhatsApp groups, this monetization technique of content sharing could be a nice fit for you.

Frankly, myriads of sites hold numerous contents (ads, posts, videos, etc.) which are yet to attract enough views. Therefore, you can cash in on sharing such contents to your WhatsApp contacts and get paid for clicks generated as a result.

If content sharing is the route you’d like to take in monetizing your WhatsApp account, you’ll have to leverage on or any other trusted paid URL shortener. With the aid of, you can shorten the URLs of various exciting videos (and other interesting contents that should go viral) and get paid in return.

The more your WhatsApp contacts click the shortened URLs, the more money you’re likely to earn. To get started with content sharing, visit any trusted URL shortening site (such as and get registered.

Working with PPD Sites

While PPD is fully pronounced as Pay Per Download, it’s noteworthy that PPD sites (such as are a great opportunity for you to earn money as people download files through you.

Basically, working with a PPD network requires you to upload varying contents (including videos, songs, photos and movies) and then share their download links to your WhatsApp contacts. For each download completed by your WhatsApp contacts through such links, you’ll earn a certain fee. Importantly, the download capacity of each file is likely an important determinant of the fee you’ll earn.

If you’re pretty sure that lots of people in your WhatsApp would be ready to download contents through whatever links you share to them, you could leverage on this monetization opportunity. In that case, you should sign up on Openload which constitutes the best PPD sites out there.

Promoting Your Business on WhatsApp

If you don’t have preference for any of the WhatsApp-based monetization opportunities discussed so far, you may consider promoting your normal business via WhatsApp. Particularly with the WhatsApp Business app, WhatsApp lets you utilize its various app features for sharing videos, graphics and other media useful for promoting your business. Moreover, WhatsApp lets you paste vital business details (including the links to your business website and social media handles) to your WhatsApp profile. This way, potential customers can easily access your products/services.


Of course, making money with WhatsApp is very real but before you’re able to effectively monetize your use of WhatsApp, you’re expected to hold a sizeable number of contacts and active groups in your WhatsApp account.

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