If your business is promoting an outdoor sporting event or associated with a group hosting one, handing out promotional goodies is the best option.

You can choose custom beach totes as the event/event goodie bag to hand out to your guests.

Beach tote bags are huge, usually being at least 18 x 20 inches in size. It enables them to fit just about anything you desire inside the bag, including snacks, sunscreen, toys, and small personal items like keys or wallets.

Here are the reasons to choose them for promoting your event:

They are anAffordable Choice

According to market reports, the global tote bags market will grow by $5.85 billion during 2020-2024.

Beach totes are not that expensive to have made in large quantities, allowing you to pass them out for free at the appropriate time.

It will give lots of exposure to your company or event and is a great way to get people to discuss the upcoming event. Beach totes are also more durable than other types of tote bags, which can annoyingly tear.

They are Virtually Unbreakable

Custom beach totes are made of sturdy, thick material that will stand up to almost anything. They won’t tear like other types of bags or totes you may pass out.

You can put any number of items in them without risk of breakage.

One reason is that beach totes are great for outdoor events such as music festivals or sporting events. They will not easily get damaged if they get wet from the elements or crushed underfoot by people walking around your event site.

People Love Them

Most people enjoy receiving a free tote bag at a sporting event, as they know that it can come in very handy after the event is over.

Not only will you have your advertising displayed on the side of the bag, but people will remember your business or group for giving out such a trendy and valuable item.

They Look Stylish and Professional

Beach tote bags generally come in various colors and often can be customized with your business name or group logo. It will increase the professionalism of the advertising, especially if you choose colors that match your business and style.

Beach totes also look very stylish and attractive in general. They don’t resemble the average tote bag and are known for their large size.

People will appreciate the different-looking styles of beach totes, which can come in very useful when you are trying to drag attention away from your competitors’ booths during your trade show or event.

They Are Available in Various Sizes and Shapes

Beach totes come in various styles and shapes, allowing you to choose the right one for your particular event. Tote bags can be found in any size, from large 18 X 20 inches to small 8.5 X 11 inches.

You can get them with or without handles, find plain ones or have fancy designs on them, and choose the most appropriate colors for your business or sporting event.

Choice of Materials

Beach totes also come in several materials. The most common type is the standard plastic material that can be easily washed and reused by people repeatedly. They are very sturdy and dependable, typically lasting for several years or more before tearing or breaking down.

They Have Larger Imprint Area than Other Bags

Custom beach totes are relatively large bags, meaning that you can put lots of information on them without making them look cluttered or unprofessional.

The larger imprint area also makes the bag more suitable for promotion than using smaller ones with smaller printing space.

Beach totes are very durable, so you can feel comfortable giving these away to all of your participants.

How to Choose the Perfect Custom Beach Tote Bags for Your Event?

There are several things you need to consider before choosing custom beach totes as your promotional giveaway. You will want them to fit perfectly with your event and tell people about it or your business in the best possible way.

In advance, you will want to determine what size beach totes you need, how many you will give away, and if any other materials are necessary to distribute them. You may also want to choose styles that fit the theme of your sporting event or upcoming trade show, or convention.


Choosing a color is essential. You may want to pick a color that matches your company logo, or perhaps you would like people to see your beach totes from far away and be able to spot them easily in a crowd.


It’s also essential to choose suitable types of designs for your company, business, or event. It will ensure that people can see your beach totes from far away.

You do not want to use something that will blend in with the rest of the crowd. Instead, you want something that stands out and is easily recognizable by potential customers.

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