If we had to describe the feelings we get when our internet connection is slow, then quite simply the word that we will be going for is “pain” or something along the same lines. Having an internet connection that just suddenly has a dip in the internet download speed is truly a nightmare and we simply just can’t put into words the frustration that comes along with it.

There is a simple reason why consumers or customers in the modern world have shifted or have altered their main checklist for choosing or selecting an internet service provider to subscribe to. In the old days, consumers or customers, in fact, even potential customers, would look upon the data plan, the monthly price, and the availability of the internet service as the main factors on which they would base their requirements. Now, luckily for all internet consumers out there, times have changed and individuals, households, and even businesses account for one simple and basic thing that was once lost to most of us. To bring it all together, we are talking about customer care and customer service.

We can take an example from Spectrum Internet services and their strategy in the last couple of years to attract more and more customers to their logbooks. The internet service provider through their highly rated Spectrum Customer Service and amazing discounts attract more people to subscribe to its plans.

But no matter which ISP you may choose, you can face internet speed issues once in a while. It is important to locate the source of the slow internet issue to take proper measure. Let’s have a look at the sources that can slow down your internet speed.

Locate The Source of the Problem

The very first thing that you should do once you see or feel that your internet connectivity is rather being slow, you should figure out what exactly is the issue and then we can move on to finding the right solution for the problems or problems.

  • Firstly, what you need to do is run a speed test on your digital devices. You can use whichever service you like as there are plenty that will assist you online for free. The speed test from Ookla is one that many individuals resort to and it also has a mobile phone application that you can take advantage of.
  • You need to position yourself right next to your router and then run the speed test and see if there are any discrepancies or fluctuations present in the internet connection.
  • If the speeds you are currently receiving are exactly what you have subscribed to, then your internet connection just might not be the problem.
  • Go to another place and run the speed test again.
  • Compare the two results and see if you would have to contact the customer care service of the internet service provider that you have subscribed to.

Once you run the speed test, you need to find out if old hardware is causing any issues or not.

Old Equipment

The worst thing that could happen is that your router is faulty and that you would have to spend some big bucks on getting yourself a new one. You might also be renting a router from the internet service provider that you have subscribed to and hence you would then have to get in contact with the customer care service center for that internet service provider.

Ask yourself the following questions in order to get a better diagnosis.

How Old Is My Router?

If the router that you are currently using and keeping in your household is anything older than a 5-year-old model, then it would definitely be best for you to upgrade and save yourself from the constant frustration of not only a loss in internet speed from time to time but also from a loss in overall connectivity from time to time.

Can Other Devices Be Slowing Down My Internet Connection?

We do not think that there exists any one individual in the modern era who does not have more than a couple of devices connected to the same single source of the internet. It is best to disconnect all devices and then connect them again to the same router after resetting the router.

Where Is My Router Placed?

This is perhaps the most important aspect of the entire journey. You need to quietly assess all the possibilities and the placement of your router is one of the most common reasons for a bad internet connection existing. This may be caused by an object being placed in front of the router or the cords of the router being entangled. Whatever the reason may be, you need to first verify that the router in question is in a central position so as to cover the entire household area, not underneath any desk so there may be no problems with internet signals being blocked and so on.

Contact Customer Service

If nothing works and you keep facing trouble with your internet speed, you can report it to the customer service department. All you need is to dial the customer service number and they will assist you further with the issue.

Conclusive Note

If you wonder why my internet is so low today and you are looking for a way out, we have provided you with the details of how you can make it work. By taking a few simple steps, you can get rid of slow internet speeds.

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