Why Link Building Is Important In SEO

That’s the point in SEO, maybe not being given that much emphasis as it should get, but search engine are doing so. The more backlinks your site gets , the higher your site ranks for your targeted keyword relative to keyword density.


How Important Is Link Building

How important is link building for your blog is what this article will be explaining so that your can up your game in building high quality backlinks to your blog.

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Link Building Definition

Link building accounts for one the most important part of SEO that you should take very serious if you ever want to see your blog rank top for your target keyword on SERPs. Link building can simply be defined as the act of acquiring backlinks for your site. This inludes both paid and unpaid means of acquiring backlinks.

How Important Is Link Building For Your Blog

Link building is a major part of SEO which cannot be overemphasized .Link building is as important as creating quality contents for your blog. To rank high online you need high quality backlinks pointing to webpages on your site. Say for instance, though I can’t really say this is how Google algorithm works in other to display results to search queries, but if you are serious with keyword research, you will notice that most of the webpages that rank high on Google search result pages all have one thing in common , which is high number of backlinks. It clearly tells us that backlinks are very important for your blog to rank high online and the act of acquiring backlinks is simply termed link building.

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WhyYour Blog Is Not Getting Organic Traffic

Having a good blog is one thing, getting it out there in front of people is another task you must take very serious. This brings us back to the base discussion, how important is link building for your blog? Even if you have really cool contents , you should also try to broadcast it, that’s simply how you can acquire backlinks to your site. This include submitting your blog post to “social bookmarking sites, social networking sites, forums , related blogs, and any other public directory you can think of. Though some of this sites might have the nofollow tag in the links you submit on their platforms, but certainly their is an increase in your blog authority preference. So if you want to start getting increased organic traffic from search engines , then you should add more effort to your link building strategies.

Is Link Building Still Important?

Link building is still very much important for the health of your site and getting more traffic from search engines. Link building determines how well your site ranks for your target keyword on SERPs. If you get high quality backlinks to point to your site , you increase your chance of ranking high on SERPs which will then drive more organic traffic to your blog. So link building is a major decider on how well your site ranks for your target keyword on SERPs.

Link Building Strategies

There are tons of link building strategies you can implement right away and see your blog backlinks increase. I will leave that topic for another day, but now I will specify some very common but effective ways to build backlinks to your blog site.One of such ways is broadcasting your site content to social bookmarking and networking sites, commenting on high PR dofollow blogs, posting your contents on high PR forums sites and other directories. Its a two-way profit, you gain backlink and more traffic. The more backlinks you acquire the better your chances of ranking high for your target keyword on SERPs. So why not start your link building campaign by following the above methods and see your backlinks sour higher.

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  1. Link building always been the bed rock of SEO… You've listed the primary and most effective as well as genuine ways of gaining backlinks

  2. Link building is on top of them all. Having your link in almost all the popular site is a dream of every blogger. Thank for sharing

  3. Wow am off to get some backlinks for my blog, this post just opened my eyes about what backlinks through mean and organic traffic.


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