Zoom Vs Skype –Which Is Better?

Considering that there is a decent array of widely used videoconferencing apps in the software market, deciding the best platform for your videoconferencing could seem awkward.

Undoubtedly, Skype and Zoom constitute the top-rated videoconferencing apps with lots of users across the globe. In the belief that you could be in doubt while deciding which is better between Zoom and Skype, we have conducted thorough research on the two apps. Courtesy of our accurate findings, you can rest assured that this article will help you decide which of the two apps you should opt for.

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What is Zoom?

Zoom is more than a mere video communication channel as it offers a comprehensive range of modern conferencing tools. Its advanced system avails users the chance of getting partitioned into small diverse groups while conducting online meetings including online class discussions, topical discussions and webinar sessions.

Considered a user-oriented platform, Zoom lets a meeting host exercise absolute control over the meeting as the host can determine the access limit of the invitees and even mute all microphones. Clearly, this simply means Zoom allows you to organize a virtual meeting (probably with clients or employees) and fully decide the manner in which the meeting will be conducted.


What is Skype?

Skype is a popular platform with advanced capabilities –such as informal audio/video calls, screen sharing, file sharing and instant messaging –that facilitate collaborative communication between individuals, corporate partners, students, etc. While Skype avails users the benefit of hassle-free communication, it is also a widely used videoconferencing app, hence giving the impression that your friends, employees or business partners are using it.

Skype further comes with a chat feature and just like that of Zoom, Skype’s chat feature hosts an intuitive interface for users to send rapid messages to each other. Asides allowing users to enjoy seamless integration of audio with video, Skype is touted as a lovely channel for document sharing, instant messaging, screen sharing and lots more.

A General Survey of Zoom vs. Skype

Both Zoom and Skype are widely used videoconferencing platforms. With the intent of fostering partnerships (probably between business partners), Zoom offers an innovative integrated system which enables people to conduct online meetings, group messaging and web conferencing. Skype, in the second place, is an advanced app which enables people to connect with each other and share vital information through its video tools, voice tools and powerful text.

It is therefore a factual postulation that both Zoom and Skype are well-built communication channels. This makes it quite difficult to absolutely determine which is better between the two apps. However, Zoom seemingly claims a greater footing than Skype due to the enhancements seen in its free and paid-for versions.

A Comparison Table of Skype and Zoom

Comparison Metrics


Skype Zoom
Support system Support mode: on-demand support

Supported integrations: Microsoft Systems, Slack, Grasshopper, Agile CRM, etc.

Supported devices: Windows mobile, Web-based, Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android

Support mode: on-demand support

Supported integrations: Eloqua, Dropbox, Google Drive, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Pardot, etc.

Supported devices: Web-based, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux

Web features File Sharing, Video Messaging, Real-Time Chats Record & Playback Capabilities, Presentation Tools, Real-Time & Private Chats
Built for Freelancers, Small-scale Businesses, Medium-scale Businesses, Large Businesses Medium-scale Businesses, Large Businesses, Small-scale Businesses
Language support English English
Notable customers AIRDEX, Advansys, Diverse Learners, Verbalizelt GoDaddy, Pandora, Match.com, Slack, Delta
Cost (i)               Free-to-use version

(ii)             Paid-for version at the monthly fee of $12.50 per user

(i)               Free-to-use version

(ii)             Paid-for version at the monthly fee of $19.99+

Maximum number of participants 250 100
Conferencing features Collaboration Tools, Screen Sharing, Group Video Calls Screen Sharing, Whiteboarding, HD Voice, HD Video



The information in this post must have provided you with insight into what each of Skype and Zoom is all about. Although we have highlighted Zoom as the better option between the two videoconferencing apps, you can always weigh their features and personally decide which of the two apps is better suited for your needs.

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