20 Football Prediction Sites in Nigeria You Never knew Existed


Technology has made things easier for different sectors in the world, and the betting world is benefitting from it. There are numerous football predictions in the world whereby, football lovers are making huge gains by merely predicting matches.

It takes one who is knowledgeable to forecast the results of big matches. It is one thing to have the right odds that will yield good profits, and it is another thing to predict rightly to avoid loss.

Based on research, it is advised that pundits have to select matches with minimum odds to avoid losing their money, because the higher the odds, the higher the risk of losing money. The massive growth of internet sports betting has influenced the high rates of predictions.

One must have some techniques before they can make critical decisions on the football matches they want to play. The truth about the matter is it has nothing to do with either the person is a college graduate or not because they have to learn the rope to avoid blunders.

The major motive of these football prediction sites is to beat the other systems used by bookmakers for predictions, and also winning high profits. There have been various scenarios punters have lost money based on the reason of wrong calculations.

These football prediction sites offer valuable information to help punters to take calculated risks, and it is done by using a combination of matches with various odds. Presently, football is one of the most popular sports that is loved by various demographics, religions, beliefs, and ethnicity.

The era we are in right now is the time people are going crazy and becoming fanatics watching their favorite team play on a television screen. No one is good at forecasting because it is a 50/50 thing it is either you lose or win.

If you have been losing money in predicting the outcome of matches, you should consider yourself lucky in coming across the article because various football prediction sites will be shortlisted here. On the other hand, you need to have it at the back of your mind it is not 100 percent correct.

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For any punter to be on a safer side, they should be careful with the number of odds they place in one ticket to avoid game losses. Some punters are familiar with a prediction site and know how to forecast with the number of odds they see on their website. One should stick to the prediction website that works best for him or her.

Is there any need for a Football Prediction Website?

Punters must have key information about any football match they have the interest to stake their money. For instance, if you are certain a weak team will be playing against a stronger team. You need to check the present form of both teams and their head-to-head history.

These prediction websites give quality information for punters free of charge, especially for those who can make maximum use of the information they see on the site. Using this method, one can be certain to some extent in making better football predictions.

Are there any benefits of sports betting?

The main reason why people opt for sports betting is the fact it acts as another source of income for them. For someone who wants to get extra cash can invest money, they’re ready to lose by staking into the right odds.

The more an individual gets to predict more football matches, the more they become more analytical with the way they reason and see things in real life. Besides, individuals can become knowledgeable in the world of football when they want to go into any argument with their friends.

A person should take his or her time to study these prediction sites before losing their money, and these sites use data analysis to forecast the possible outcome of football matches for any punter who is ready to dedicate time.

Advantages of Sports Prediction Websites

The following are the numerous benefits one can obtain from these sport prediction websites, and they are:

  • They eliminate the stress one will spend in several hours analyzing football matches played in the past.
  • Sport prediction sites help you as a punter to get detailed information about other punters who have vast experiences when it comes to predicting the outcome of football matches.
  • The chances of losing a large sum of money become reduced to a certain extent because the punter will follow detailed information.
  • Novice becomes informed with little or more knowledge on any kind of football matches.

20 Football Prediction Sites in Nigeria You Never knew Existed

Here are the numerous football prediction sites most people are unaware of and for anyone who wants to earn extra cash to support their day-to-day expenses, you need to get yourself acquainted with this sites:

  1. Full-Time Predict:

The office of the football prediction site is located in Ikeja and it is one of the best websites for those who are passionate about betting their money to earn some cash. It will surprise you to know that those who are outside the shore of Nigeria are also staking on the site.

Full-time predict has numerous statistics on their website to help those who want to make different predictions such as home win, away win, draw, and many others. Another benefit of using the site is based on the fact they have extra information to know records of both teams.

  1. Sportverified:

The football prediction website has both paid and free version for any punter who is eager to have updated information. They have a network team that can help to analyze football matches to offer awesome results using various predictions.

The site is known to give accurate football predictions and tips to help punters. The good thing is you don’t have to be a Pro in staking your money in any football match. For those who are conversant with the website, they have Sure 3, both teams to score, Sure 5, Combo, etc.

  1. Tips180:

Football pundits use Tips 180 will have in-depth knowledge on various football leagues such as English Premier League, La Liga, German Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Portuguese League, and many others. It makes it easier to know the team that is performing well, and the one that is not.

Tips 180 has their different match predictions that will suit punters to accumulate odds that will yield good benefits to them. However, it is much easier to see the current form of various football matches before staking any money.

4  Safedraws:

It is one of the best football prediction websites that are popular amongst punters. The good thing about Safedraws is the fact they have various kinds of markets to help stakers predict different games such as over 1.5 goals, home to win, both teams to score, over 2.5 goals, etc.

Using the safe draws gives football gamblers the avenue to predict matches in over 40 leagues. The more you become familiar with the site, the more you know the football matches to stake money to be at minimum risk.

  1. Tipena:

It has a total number of 200 football leagues from day today. Besides, stakes could get football tips on weekends, Saturdays, and even on Sundays. In Tipena, several factors are taken into consideration when predicting football matches.

In Tipena, stakers have to be conscious about the matches they want to stake to avoid mistakes. They have one of the best odds compared to other prediction websites. If you are thinking of getting premium odds to earn more money you can bank on this site.

  1. Surestakes:

It is another prediction websites to help people who want to get tips to make good predictions. The major function of Surestakes is to offer pundits accurate football tips for over 20 leagues to maximize their chances of gaining more profits.

Surestakes are ready for those who are ready to follow the key principles to ensure they have about 95% predictions. There are other prediction markets to help those staking with a small amount of money.

  1. Surepredicts:

In this prediction website, punters can make predictions on match scores, stake on games, and do other things. Another good thing about Surepredicts, their website has a good user-friendly interface. As long as the individual is a soccer lover, they will enjoy the various benefits that come with using the website.

  1. Odd slot:

It is one of the football prediction sites for football gamblers in Nigeria. The site gives free predictions for people to place bets with their money. Most of their predictions are correct.


  1. Over25Tips:

Some punters prefer playing over 2.5 goals. If you are the type who is not conversant about teams or leagues that score many goals will lose their money. Some football leagues score over three goals. Besides, they offer predictions, free analysis, statistics, football form to punters.


Football prediction websites are to make things easier for punters to have an idea of the football match they want to play before betting. One must make maximum use of the sites to ensure they don’t run at loss with their money.


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  6. Www.Surestakes.com
  7. Www.surepredict.net
  8. Www.Oddslot.com




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