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Top 5 Hotels in Calabar, Nigeria. 

Calabar Nigeria has become a tourist attraction for many over the years, there is so much to be done in Calabar. In fact, for...

Top Three Most Expensive Hotels In Nigeria

We have been exploring the beauty of Nigeria for a few days and I would have to say, as much as we have been...

Top three most expensive hotels in the world.

Welcome to yet another edition of, ‘hotels and more”. We know we promised that we would focus on Nigeria alone but these facts shocked...

What To Look Out For In A Hotel.

We know that we have shown you exquisite hotels and very affordable hotels in a few parts of Nigeria. Now we would want to...

How to Start a Hotel and Travels Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Hotel and Travels Business in Nigeria Hotel business will always remain a profitable venture particularly in areas with bubbling nightlife and...
hotels In Enugu

TOP 5(five) hotels in Enugu, Nigeria.

We told you before and we would say it now, we have over 36 states and 5,000 hotels to review. If you are looking...

Top 5 best hotels in Benin State, Nigeria

Benin city! It's exciting to write this article because I've been to Benin and I loved Benin! A very serene city with homely people....

Top 5 hotels in Port Harcourt

Good day! Remember how we said we have 36 states and over 5000 hotels to review? You got that right! Welcome to our virtual...

3(Three) Tips To Help you Stay In The Hotel Of Your Choice!

Have you ever looked at a hotel you would love to go to and you think it's impossible? With these tips, worry no more!...
Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.

Hotels and accommodations you should know about: Sheraton Abuja Hotel

Sheraton Hotel Abuja is one of the best hotels in Abuja. Now listen, Abuja may have a lot of hotels right now, but if...
bolton white hotel and apartment abuja

Hotels and accommodations you should know about : BOLTON WHITE HOTELS AND APARTMENTS .

The Bolton white hotel is a four-star hotel located in the Federal Capital Territory. The one thing that distinguishes the Bolton white hotel from...
transcorp hilton abuja

Hotels and accommodations you should know about: Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.

Today we would be talking about the exquisite hotels in Abuja, particularly hotels you should know about. I know that everyone has a dash...

10 Best Hotels To Visit In Lagos In 2020

Hotels in Lagos cannot just be known from just the name but the quality service, interiors, comfort purpose and more. Lagos is a very...