Four Apps That Help In Managing Work-Life Balance

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Steven Osmond

is a social media manager at Android App Development Company. Steven manages company’s social media accounts. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Marketing and passionate about mobile technology.

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People often said that, there is no app available which helps in managing work-life balance but in fact that is not true, these days there is an app available for everything. From traditional note-taking to complex calculations, mobile apps replace everything. Even through today we have bubble popping app, which mimic the habit of bubble-wrap bursting. Mobile app developers are taking virtual reality a bit closer to actual reality. Today I will discuss some apps that helps professionals to keep things right on their individual front so that they can do more focus on professional work.

Big Days

Big Days allows to track and remember your previous and upcoming events. It offer an in-built countdown which show daily reminder and you can organize things in advance. Like, it will remind you that your business trip to London is X days ago, so you should start your preparations. It will remind that you haven’t had a weekend party with family or friends since X days so you are required to take a break from the busy working schedule.


Inby notifies about the latest events and promotions taking place in the locality. The benefit of this app is that, it just not only cover big brands but small businesses too, it also provide alerts about local restaurants and shops. With the help of timely updates regarding your wife’s favorite, boutiques, libraries, and galleries you can have amazing gifts and purchases for her. Inby can also be used to select perfect destination for family lunches and other meetings. So it provide beautifully in both aspects of your life.

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If you are among 55 percent smartphone users who use them to browse internet, download apps and exchange emails, so you should try Quixey. It will be a good addition to your app collection and will definitely increase your productivity. It has an Android launcher which uses Deep View Cards technology and enable you to search the information and messages and allow to access them in a faster way.


Either you’re taking care of your parents or have to manage chronic health conditions, MedHelper is a big help. It offers you to track prescriptions and appointments and whenever medications are running low it reminds you for a doctor’s appointment. It also monitor vital signs, temperature, body weight, blood pressure, and glucose level. MedHelper allows you take care of your health; the most important thing. This app is highly recommended by AppCrawlr.

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  1. Work and life balance is really essential and it requires in order to keep away some of the worst things from our behavior such as stress, frustration, depression and many others. Most of the professionals are always worried about their work life balance; due to busy schedule they are unable to keep a balance in their work and life as a result their social life is under threat. So we all need to maintain a good work life balance while following professional tips and I am sure that apps are also quite helpful in managing work and life balance.
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