How To Setup AdSense Page-level ads in Blogger Blog

The  Page-level ads is one of the best  mobile feature that increase your adsense earnings and also it has different two types which are ⬇


Anchor or overlay
 The Anchor or overlay is one of the best and it has a toggle which you can use to dismiss it and it is mobile responsive
Check screenshot below

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The  vignette pop up ads covers the whole page and requires your blog visitors or website visitors to close it or not using the call to action button at the to right side.
And there are some specific amount of vignette ads to display for a particular visitor.
Check screenshot below


Explanation: The Page-level ads feature is in beta. DoubleClick Ad Exchange does not yet offer full support for Page-level ad formats in rules and reporting. You can use channels to track Page-level ads.

How to add to your blogspot blog

Step 1

first you need to Log into your AdSense account using your correct password

Step 2
You  can move direct to the the page level ads webpage by clicking here

Step 3
Then you will have to  Switch from off to on both Anchor/Overlay and Vignette ads by clicking the two toggle buttons.


Step 4
Now you will have to  scroll down your mouse cursor and click the button which says “Get code” once.


Step 5
Then click CTRL+A and then Copy the code .

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Step 6
Now go to Blogger and select the blog you want to place it on

Step 7
Move you mouse down and click on the  Template  tab

Step 8
Make sure that you  backup yout template before proceeding

Step 9
Click Edit HTML and press CTRL+F and search for this code below


Step 10
Paste your Page-level code just above


Remember that in your Page-level code, you will have make one change or modification. Replace the attribute async with async=”
If you don’t make this modification, blogger will give you an error message.

Error parsing XML, line 1473, column 15: Attribute name “async” associated with an element type “script” must be followed by the ‘ = ‘ character.

Step 11
Save your template and you are all done!

How to Test Page-level ads on your blogger template

On your favorite mobile device, visit your blog to test Page-level ads. Example: //

In the address bar of your mobile browser, add #googleads to the end of your blog’s URL.

For example in our case:

Select the ad format that you want to test from the tabbed box that will appear just above your blog body.

 Check screenshot below

I hope this tutorial really helped you, don’t forget to drop your comment below thanks.

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  1. Hi,
    I activated the Google Page-level ads few days ago but nothing yet, I am sure things are going to turn out soon and i Think not all AdSense account have that feature for now because i have not yet seen the Page-level ad on it.

    Thanks for the info..!

    • Thank you very much Kuch Jano and hope you know that the page level ads don't support the opera mini mobile app or it might be what you have just said….. Thanks once again for visiting zealmatblog

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  3. The page level ads still work by adding it through your blogger dashboard layout. How to do this, Login to your blogger dashboard, on the dashboard navigate to layout, click on the layout > then select Add a Gadget > Select add html code > Get the page-level ads code from your adsense account and paste it in the HTML box > click on save. Then view your blog on mobile to see how it works by going to

  4. I saw your post on facebook similar to this but for WordPress. I didn't hesitate to request the one for blogger blog. Am glad you posted this.
    At least it's an opportunity to get more earnings and attract audience..

    I implemented it just as you directed in your tutorial above.

    You can check my blog Naijcrackgist to confirm.


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