Yemi Alade releases an attractive and story-telling music video titled “Deceive“ featuring Rudeboy, Paul Okoye.

A song that talks about deceit, Love, and misunderstanding among couples,  sometimes all that is lacking in a marriage is a total misunderstanding, when the couple cannot properly pass messages across to one another, there tend to be quarrel and fight, Just as seen in the music video where Funke Akindele is the Marriage counselor, the couple cannot properly relate their issues to the person who they came to for help, eventually, they ended up fighting again,  sometimes all that is needed among a couple is a little bit of patience. We assume that the other party is cheating on us and we think we know too much that even before an action is taken we already know where it will land and most times our assumptions might be wrong.

As seen in the video DECEIVE, Yemi Alade was accusing Paul of wanting to break his heart, and trying to play her after she has open up to her and he has seen both her weak and strong side then he wants to play a fast one on her that only GOD can judge.

Here is Paul also calling on God to be the judge as he tried all he can to satisfy her but she was living a suspicious life which made her fight him often, he also reiterated that he had no plan to break her heart but she was rather inconsiderate.

Great directing by Clarence Peters.

Watch Video below:


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