The most popular video streaming service on the internet is YouTube. You’ve undoubtedly used it to conduct research, view movies or TV programs, or maybe you have favorite YouTube personalities.

What you may not know is that there are a number of secret YouTube URL hacks you may employ to improve the efficiency of your YouTube experience. We’ll go through the ten most helpful URL hacks you can utilize right now in this post.

6 YouTube URL Tricks You Need to Try Now

1. Begin a video at any time.

When you open a YouTube video link in a browser, it begins from the beginning. However, there are instances when you’d rather share a specific segment of a video than force someone to watch the whole thing.

You may accomplish this by adding &t=MmSSs to the YouTube URL, substituting M with minutes and SS with seconds. Minutes and seconds should be used to indicate where in the video you want it to begin.

You may remove the minutes addition if you just want to start the video after it has been played for less than a minute:

By right-clicking the YouTube video and choosing Copy video URL at current time, you may get this link automatically while viewing it.

You may share this link with others by pasting it into a text message, email, or social media post.

2. Skip the first several seconds of a YouTube video

Instead than specifying the amount of minutes and seconds into the movie, you may just skip the first few seconds of the film.

If you want to bypass a lengthy video intro, this is a good option. Simply add a start point in seconds to do this. To skip the first 45 seconds of a movie, for example, just add &start=45.

When you click Enter, you’ll see that the URL reverts to its original format, with the start time in seconds.

3. Make a YouTube video loop that goes on forever.

There are many videos on YouTube that you may like playing in the background. Ambient films such as a fireplace or rain, as well as background music, are examples. You may want to leave movies like this playing in the background while you do something else. is an alternative site that will play any YouTube URL in an endless loop. To do so, just go to the YouTube video you want to loop. Replace with in the URL.

If the video URL is, for example,

Replace with the following URL:

If you press Enter, the YouTube video will play in an endless loop on the website.

You may do this by right-clicking the video and choosing Loop from the menu when viewing it on YouTube.

Until you repeat the procedure and uncheck Loop, the movie will loop indefinitely.

4. Embedded Videos that Autoplay

Another clever YouTube URL technique you may do if you want to share a YouTube video with a friend and have it play immediately when they open it.

Simply add?autoplay=1 to the end of the video URL to do this.

So, if you want to share the following video URL:

You’d add the autoplay portion at the end of the link, making it appear like this:

The video will begin playing immediately when your buddy clicks on the link.

Note: In the past, you could enter URLs like this into social media or WordPress and the video would automatically play; however, most platforms now block this function since it has become such a nuisance to users over time.

5. Turn off related videos

When you embed your own videos on your website, YouTube will often show your visitors similar videos. You may deactivate this functionality by appending?rel=0 to the end of the embed URL if you truly don’t want to help your competitor get more visitors.

To obtain the embed code, go to your YouTube video’s Share icon and copy the iframe code.

Create a code block in WordPress and put the iframe code there. At the end of the YouTube URL, add?rel=0.

Your viewers will no longer see any linked videos at the conclusion of your YouTube video on your website.

6. Save a thumbnail of a YouTube video

There’s a simple service that allows you download the thumbnail if you’re writing an article or a paper for school and want to reference a video while embedding the thumbnail into the document.

To do so, just paste the movie ID into the URL below:<<video id>>/maxresdefault.jpg

video id>> should be replaced with the video ID from the YouTube URL. If the YouTube video URL is as follows:

This link will allow you to download the YouTube video thumbnail:

The video thumbnail will display on the website as an image.

To save the picture to your computer, just right-click it and choose Save image as.

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