All students have to write a great variety of essays. They are of different types and with various goals to develop all the necessary skills in students. Many youngsters find it difficult to handle all essays properly. Some of them face problems right at the beginning of their essays. They are not able to write an attention-grabbing introduction. As a result, readers lose interest in the rest of the text and never cross even the introductory part. However, hooks are required in other parts of the text as well. It is a serious problem that must be handled.

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We have gathered smart tips from many writers about writing the introduction. The experts have shared their successful experiences about how to create an attention-grabbing hook in an essay. Read on if you want to know the answers.

Select a Good Topic

Not all students realize that their first hook is stated in the title of their essays. If it is not appealing to your readers, they will hardly read the first line of your essay. That is why you ought to pick a catchy title. It is supposed to:

  • Be relevant;
  • Focus on an interesting issue;
  • Be informative;
  • Be original;
  • Be specific;
  • Be meaningful.

For example, you write about technology. If your title is something like “Technology is important”, your readers will turn their noses to it. Such a title is not original and states a well-known fact. It should be more specific. Here is a good example of a grabbing title – Technology Is a Powerful Tool for Learning. Your readers understand that your essay will explain why technology is useful in education.

Use Questions

You may create a great hook when you ask a question in the introduction. It is commonly a rhetoric question, which does not need an answer because it is obvious. Nevertheless, this technique drags the reader’s attention because he or she realizes why it is asked.

You may also ask a series of questions throughout the text. It makes your reader stop and thinks for a while about his/her own assumption. Afterward, he/she will read on to be sure his/her guesses were correct. You may end your essay with a question to make the ending open and thus very catchy.

Add Quotes

Another popular method is to quote other people. It is always interesting to learn the words of wisdom or experience stated by outstanding personalities. Of course, the quote must be related to the main purpose of your essay. After reading it, your reader will understand what you mean and so will be more interested in what follows.

Open with an Announcement

The next technique is used solely in the introduction part. You may start it with an announcement. What it should be like? Everything depends on the topic you have opted for. As we have used one of our examples about technology, we would like to stick to it. Here is a good example:

  • You will go completely crazy after learning the incredible facts offered in this essay. They explain why technology can harm children under the age of 6 years.

This announcement will make people excited. They will ask a number of questions about the possible harm of technology. Not all people realize how to use technology correctly, especially for children.

Use a Shocking Statement

Another technique, similar to the previous one, is to write a shocking statement. It is commonly used in the opening. Yet, it can be implemented somewhere inside the main plot as well.

A shocking statement is something quite unexpected. It promises something important and may be even crazy. Here is a good example of a shocking statement: “Caution! The information I have learned about the new technological innovation will pull the floor from your feet”. Your readers will be tense and interested in what will follow. They are prepared for something unbelievable.

Of course, you should not disappoint them! If you write such statements, be sure you have the materials that are able to confirm the expectations of your readers. Otherwise, they will drop reading as soon as they notice that you have fooled them.

Use a Riddle or Puzzle

Another smart attention-grabbing method is to puzzle your readers. It can be done by implementing a riddle or a puzzle. Here again, it must be related to the title or the main purpose of your essay. Do not go stray because it would not make any sense. A good riddle will activate the brain activity of your readers, and so they will be tuned.

Express Your Emotions

You may make your introduction catchier if you use real emotions and feelings. They are commonly used when an essay is about personal experience or observation. For example, you may start like this: “I was totally shocked when it happened to me. My hands could not help trembling. Such emotions overwhelm the person entirely for some time and one cannot take a step”. Such an entry will surely drag anybody’s attention.

Give Informative Background

Finally, you should provide useful and informative background when you open an essay. General facts are compulsory in every introduction. Simply be selective and use the facts, which are interesting to your readers.

Wrapping Up

If you do not know how to draw the attention of your readers, use the 8 tips highlighted in our informative article. They are very effective and help to handle this standard writing complication with excellence. You may also use the help of a reliable academic writing website if you still cannot write a catchy introduction or need hooks in other sections of the text.

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