Amazon Fire TV stick with remote control

Google Chromecast rival has arrived just in time to turn the competition on in the UK. The Amazon Fire TV stick that was launched in Q3 last year has finally arrive to the UK. The stick can be hook up to TV via HDMI socket. But there is more to this device that miss the eye.

The Fire TV stick provide users with full control on how they operate it using a remote control, which Chromecast lacked. It is twice as powerful when compared with Chromecast as well. The Fire TV stick is driven by a dual-core processor topped with 1GB of RAM, and includes an 8GB of built-in storage for apps installation.  To remind you, the Chromecast is powered by a single-core processor paired with 512MB RAM and 4GB storage.

If you prefer not to use the remote, an accompanied app let you control the stick using your smartphone. There is an option in the app that will let users control the Fire TV stick using voice commands as well. An alternative remote is available that offers voice search though, but it’ll cost you an extra £24 ($36).

What’s more? You can cast what you are watching on your smartphone to your TV screen if you are using Amazon-made device or if your phone supports Miracast.

The Amazon Fire TV stick cost £35 ($53) at a regular price, but Amazon Prime subscribers can get it for as low as £19 ($29) and new Prime subscribers at £7 ($11).

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